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Officers were advised the incident occurred between cousins while in Tennessee and none of the involved wished to press charges. Officers cleared without action taken. The matter is currently under investigation. The property was collected and taken to the PD for safekeeping. Subjects were removed from the property and trespassed.

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Salgado was charged with driving under restraint each time and was released on a summons. The matter is under investigation. The item was placed into safekeeping. An elderly witch Frances Bay posing as a cosmetic salesman visits the home of a young vain and eccentric couple Brian Kerwin and Carol Kane and convinces the wife to try on a magic necklace that switches the wife's body with hers. A funeral home director Moses Gunn cuts corners when it comes to his own line of work.

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Following a tragic car crash, he is made the legal guardian of his teenage nephew Jon Clair. The nephew is eventually made as an apprentice mortician in order to earn his room and board and soon comes to resent the mean-spirited behavior and stinginess of his uncle.

For the uncle, it may come full circle when he quotes the Bible often. Rowdy Herrington. The Cryptkeeper makes a reference to Tales from the Crypt starting out as a magazine at the beginning of the episode. Jim Simpson. After witnessing a brutal murder, a woman Patricia Clarkson goes mute and is cared for by a psychiatrist Richard Thomas who had committed the murder himself and soon finds out that this woman had witnessed the murder and wants the woman to be silenced forever.

Randall Jahnson. A tabloid news show host Morton Downey, Jr. The host and the crew get more than they bargained for when a chain of supernatural happenings indeed begin taunting and haunting them.

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All of this is aired on live TV. Also starring Jessica Harper. Michael Riva. Tom Mankiewicz. Also starring Kathleen Freeman as the next door neighbor. Steven E. An escaped con Kyle MacLachlan who is running for the Mexican border ends up killing a state trooper George Del Hoyo , but in the process is cuffed to him after he has swallowed the key and has to drag the heavy corpse across the desert to freedom whilst being stalked by a hungry vulture. Michael J. Fox , who directed this episode, plays the prosecutor, and James Tolkan plays a policeman investigating the "murder scene".

Stephen Hopkins. Note : Based on the story "Dead Right! Also starring Whoopi Goldberg as the mysterious priestess who also appears as herself in the outro being interviewed by the Crypt Keeper. Elliot Silverstein. Also starring Michael Berryman and Paul Gleason. John Harrison. Larry Wilson. An artist Tim Roth who can't seem to sell any of his work soon encounters a mysterious collector of morbid artwork William Atherton , but he has to keep producing ghoulish artworks in order to satisfy his new customer, which soon leads him down a dark and dangerous path.

A group of young local kids Jason Marsden , Scott Fults, Aron Eisenberg , and Jonathan Ke Quan , aspiring to be horror filmmakers, break into the local mortuary in order to see a real dead body. However, they soon stumble upon a sinister conspiracy of murder and greed involving the town's pharmacist Graham Jarvis and a local mortician John Glover , in which the boys themselves plan to expose by taking the law into their own hands and film evidence of the mortician's murderous dealings, all whilst the situation itself becomes quite very personal for one of the boys as he seeks to avenge his late father, who had died in the past from poisoned asthma medicine.

Russell Mulcahy. Richard Christian Matheson. A beautiful but loose barmaid Michelle Johnson marries a rich lumberjack Brion James who offers her a comfortable lifestyle. When the marriage soon turns sour, especially in the bedroom due to her husband's violent jealous streak, she brings him over the edge when she begins seducing another lumberjack Billy Wirth in order to relieve her boredom. Also starring Richard Herd and Jon Polito.

A housewife Faye Grant who is quite very obsessed with soap operas especially with the concepts of both passion and romance and watches them religiously is personally annoyed that her own husband Alan Rachins a doctor obsessed with experimenting on a rabbit doesn't spend much time with her, so she begins a steamy affair with a cable guy Anthony LaPaglia. The doctor soon wonders if maybe he could try his experiment on human subjects. Note : This is the only episode of the entire series to run longer than 30 minutes.

Director Robert Zemekis used this episode to pay homage to Stanley Kubrick's film Paths of Glory , which also starred Kirk Douglas and featured some similar themes. Tom Hanks , who directed this episode, also makes a cameo appearance as the video dating service owner. Crime SuspenStories Note : This was Cleavon Little's final acting performance. He died four months after this episode aired. William Friedkin. Also starring Sherrie Rose as the rock star's groupie, with special appearances by musicians Gregg Allman as the club owner , Rudy Sarzo uncredited as Exorcist's bass player , and Steve Jones as Exorcist's roadie.

Harry Anderson. Two con artists Ben Cross and Cathy Moriarty attempt to swindle a rich tycoon John Vernon , but when they end up accidentally killing him, they turn to tricking his blind wife Ellen Crawford by acting as her medium and holding a mock seance. Also starring Buck Henry. Also starring Meat Loaf.

After killing a Texas ranger David Morse , a remorseless gunslinger Neil Giuntoli soon gets his comeuppance when all of his past victims come back to haunt him in the ghost town of where he takes residence in. Note : The "Two-Fisted Tales" comic book cover shown in the episode is a spoof. This tale came from a script for a planned movie "Two-Fisted Tales" which was based on the comic book series of the same name along with TFTC stories "Yellow" and "Showdown.

John Frankenheimer. Featuring brief appearances by Burt Young and Joe Pantoliano. A game of deception ensues when a golden-age puppeteer Donald O'Connor , with a young and dominant wife Patricia Charbonneau , is given a chance to revive his act for a tribute show and takes on an animatronic puppeteer Zach Galligan as his new assistant. Steve Perry. Stanley Ralph Ross. An elderly man Kevin McCarthy is let in on the secret of a youth potion whilst camping in the woods, and entrusts another couple J. Preston and Madge Sinclair to keep it from his own bitter, overbearing wife Margot Kidder.

Also starring Yvonne De Carlo. Kyle MacLachlan. Featuring cameos from Adam West and Miguel Ferrer. Scott Rosenberg. Also starring Titus Welliver. Also starring Phil Fondacaro. A crook with an addiction to butter Bill Paxton , with the help of his brother Brad Dourif , sets out to get revenge on an ice cream truck driver Michael Lerner who had put him in prison years ago. Also starring Traci Lords. Three fraternity pledges Wil Wheaton , Jason London , and Keith Coogan are challenged to get to the top floor of a haunted house as a part of their initiation.

However, when two of the pledges fail to return, the sadistic fraternity leader decides to head up to the top floor of the house in order to look for them himself, only to shockingly learn that a local sorority harbors a sinister secret involving the house. Andrew Kevin Walker. Also starring Maryam d'Abo.

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A bookworm Nina Siemaszko is tricked by a jock Anthony Michael Hall and their evil Egyptologist professor Jeffrey Jones into becoming a virgin sacrifice for a long preserved mummy. Also starring Michael J. Note : This episode features John Kassir in his only on-screen appearance of the entire series. Also starring Cheech Marin and Costas Mandylor. Also starring Robert Picardo and Frank Stallone. Busted for a moving violation in the remote town of Stuecksville, a predatory and shameless ambulance-chasing lawyer Catherine O'Hara finds herself being sent to a nightmarish court for petty crimes that is presided over by three judges Joseph Maher in a triple role as her appointed lawyer Peter MacNicol tries to get one of the judges of each trial to get her to do a public service to Stuecksville.

William Malone.

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Coming off of a bad relationship, a man with a history of violent behavior Peter Onorati picks up a mysterious masked woman Sherrie Rose at a Halloween party, who is even more unstable than he is. Also starring Richard Lewis and Blake Clark. Featuring Ethan Suplee. Kimberly Williams-Paisley plays his daughter and Benicio del Toro plays Bill, a security guard at the strip club. Also stars Wayne Newton. So it goes. Healing the rift between an estranged father and daughter is not the first plot that comes to mind when thinking of the great Western film stories.

Maggie Gilkeson Cate Blanchett , a small town healer in the New Mexico territory, refuses to reconcile with her father Samuel Jones Tommy Lee Jones when he unexpectedly shows up at her door. Years ago, Jones abandoned her mother to a life of hardship and early death so he could go native with the Chiricahua tribe. He and his band of followers pillaged the countryside killing white settlers and abducting their daughters to sell them into slavery in Mexico. The good, the bad, the indifferent and the cowardly exist on both sides. After learning to accept help from those she loathes, her path ultimately leads to reconciliation with the past and the more pressing matter of the salvation of her eldest daughter.

James, Cole Younger and their brothers are granted clemency by the Missouri legislature, who views their Robin Hood-style lootings in the sympathetic light of southern peasantry having to adjust to post-Civil War challenges brought about by the triumph of northern industry. The bankers, however, do not share these sympathies and hire a squad of Pinkerton detectives to bring the gang to justice.

Younger an almost unrecognizable Cliff Robertson , the brains of the operation, wants them all to lay low, retire and enjoy the unexpected freedom that has been granted to them. Jesse James Robert Duvall wants to keep pillaging, latching onto an old Younger scheme to rob a bank in Northfield, Minn. Nothing goes to plan, and things fall apart in an almost comedic travesty of missteps, miscalculations and unexpected interference.

Kaufman thoroughly researched his material and offers up his vision of how it really was, with some poetic license, of course. Dustin Hoffman, then 33, aged from 17 to in this ambitious screen yarn about Jack Crabb, an orphan raised by the Cheyenne nation who came of age through various adventures involving a snake-oil salesman, Wild Bill Hickok and, most fatefully, General Custer.

As filmic looks at a white man amid Indian culture and community go, Dances with Wolves had nothing on this sprawling, moving epic. Christoph Waltz is marvelous as Dr. Django Unchained is sickening satire, bloody, uneasily hilarious and entertaining in that Tarantino fashion that squarely divides audiences. The Army, as is its entirely realistic, pacifistic way, is trying to broker peace with the Apaches before shuffling them off to Florida reservations.

Of course, the white man is right. Needless to say, the xenophobia is rampant. With its overt themes of ethnic and religious cleansing and deeply offensive racial stereotypes, Arrowhead is oft discussed as a McCarthy-era anti-Communist screed. Frankly, the not-so-sub-text is frighteningly apt today.

Essentially a domestic drama set on the Texas frontier, Rio Grande has John Wayne reprising his role as Kirby Yorke who, 15 years after the Shenandoah Valley Campaign, has been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on a river border outpost and is hurting for troops as he keeps the Apaches at bay. The bravado horse-riding stunt work and battle scenes are breathtaking, and even the over abundance of folk songs by the Sons of Pioneers who would later perform the theme for The Searchers feels authentic. A Zapata Western starring the incomparable Franco Nero. If you think Jack Palance is badass when he has both arms, try messing with him when he plays a dude with a prosthetic wooden arm.

Western purists might wrinkle their noses at this particular inclusion. Blackthorn Director: Mateo Gil Year: If you ever wondered what really happened to Butch Cassidy after he and his erstwhile partner, Harry Alonzo Longabaugh, a. Blackthorn is a gorgeously shot series of overlapping plot threads, in which the death of Etta Place, a quest to recover money stolen from powerful industrialists, and the interference of a retired Pinkerton agent either supersede or tie into one another.

Gunfight at the O. Corral Director: John Sturges Year: At its heart though, the film is ultimately a straightforward story of brotherly love between Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, showing how the two men grow to respect one another by keeping each other in check and helping each other grow as men in the face of violent turmoil.

While Sturges and screenwriter Leon Uris reportedly heavily researched the incidents, the film is still a fairly fanciful treatment of the events in Tombstone. The Claim goes against the genre in other ways, too, favoring talk over action and showcasing courage not through force of arms but strength of perseverance, but what lets the film stand out most of all is its tendency to gut punch us right in our emotions.

Keoma Director: Enzo G.

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Castellari Year: Franco Nero, a frequent flier on this list, plays the title character, a part-Indian, part-white soldier returned home after spending the Civil War fighting on behalf of the Union, only to find the place has been taken over by a tyrant and his three corrupt half-brothers, who have abandoned their father. So naturally, Keoma makes it his mission to visit justice upon the quartet, enlisting the aid of dad and Woody Strode in his pursuit of rightness.

Keoma is an often lugubrious affair that cleaves as closely to Greek tragedy as it does to Western cinema, a work peppered by occasional and possibly supernatural entities; these quirks are the characteristics that make the film tick and give it high value as an underrated and essential late-stage entry in the Spaghetti Western canon.

Director: Giulio Questi Year: None of them are direct sequels. On the surface, this is typical Euro Western fare: Milian is double-crossed by his gang and left for dead. It all plays like a hallucinatory horror Western … still nothing quite like it. A strange, troubled, underrated, masochistic Western. The production was problematic to say the least, compounded when the original director, Stanley Kubrick, was fired after butting heads with his star one too many times. Brando plays a tortured, revenge-minded gunslinger who goes up against his old friend who once betrayed him, played by Karl Malden.

Freud would have had a field day with this one. And now: Marlon Brando as a vicious, deranged serial killer with a penchant for disguise and who speaks in a thick Irish brogue, whether to his human or animal co-stars. Even among the assortment of odd ducks named in this collection of films, The Missouri Breaks is pretty damn strange—a plotless, shapeless film about a cattle thief played by Jack Nicholson who is targeted by a land baron who prefers to deal with criminals himself instead of calling the law. Bad Day at Black Rock is a contemporary noir Western set in the almost contemporary California of World War II vet John Macready Spencer Tracy , a one-armed former platoon leader, unexpectedly shows up in the desert town of Black Rock looking for the father of one of his fellow fallen soldiers.

Undeterred by the constant harassment of local heavies Hector David Lee Marvin and Coley Trimble Ernest Borgnine and the persistent questioning of motives by unofficial town boss Reno Smith Robert Ryan , Macready discovers the farmer was murdered and vows to bring the culprits to justice. The topical and potentially controversial subject of the film, conceived with Tracy in mind, almost scared the star off, as did as the inferior short story from which the screenplay was sourced.

Bizarre, droll and lyrical as only Jarmusch can do, Dead Man is one strange trip. Retired lawman Jed Cooper Clint Eastwood is wrongfully accused of theft and murder. After being tried on the spot by a hotheaded mob, he survives a brutal lynching. Cleared of wrongdoing by hanging judge Fenton Pat Hingle , a character based on historical figure Judge Isaac Parker, Cooper is deputized.

He plans to use his position to legally hunt down the nine men behind his lynching. While incorporating crucial Leone-esque elements—explosive violence, seedy and morally ambiguous characters driven by revenge—director Post and Eastwood mostly dispense with stylistic flamboyance and the core of nihilism so inherent in the Italian vision of the West.

Instead, the film delves into themes of injustice, the practice of capital punishment and the fallibility of the law. Hondo Director: Year: John Farrow. But leaving those arguments for another time, Hondo is a definitive Western. It is undoubtedly a definitive John Wayne Western, one that sees the great American cowboy refining and honing himself as a performer, sculpting his image as well as the figure of archetypal manhood he played throughout his career.

If you want to accuse Kevin Costner of being vain, by all means. Maybe Open Range is a vain movie. Call that a naked ego boost if you like. Open Range confidently takes its time building to a violent crescendo. It earns its gunplay. Director Budd Boetticher is one of the greatest pulp poets the American Western genre ever produced. His best movies were those starring matinee favorite Randolph Scott, a standard, chiseled Hollywood hero, going toe-to-toe with neurotic, psychopathic heavies, like James Best in this one.

Boetticher builds up tension to a feverish degree, though the finale is unexpected in its moral weight and thoroughly satisfying. My Name is Nobody distilled those moments into one movie. Nobody is a sort of holy fool, a Mulla Nasrudin of the Old West, a seeming simpleton whose foolish acts seem wise in retrospect, or at least carefully premeditated and logically executed.

His adulation for the aging, legendary gunslinger Jack Beauregard Henry Fonda launches the old hand into a series of confrontations that increase and burnish his personal mythology while building to a final confrontation wherein the designation of Fastest Gun in the West is passed on to his young admirer.

The film symbolically represents the passing of the torch from the classic Hollywood western to the brash upstart New Westerns, embodied mainly by the Italian brand. A few years after True Grit , John Wayne was again looking to break out of his formula filmmaking rut. How about working with a younger director and getting killed off two-thirds of the way through the movie?

The Cowboys was definitely a departure in form for The Duke. It was one of the few films where he played a character close to his actual age, who also has an older wife. After losing his ranch hands to the Gold Rush, Wil Andersen Wayne finds the only acceptable crew he can gather for his upcoming cattle drive is a bunch of greenhorn kids. Rather than postpone for a year, Andersen decides he will put these kids through their posts on the trail. The boys earn their merits through a series of trials and mishaps that sharpen their abilities and bond them together. In the process, Watts cold-bloodedly murders Andersen.

Quite shocking in its time, and still shocking now, the end of The Cowboys plays out as a Lord of the Flies set in the Old West. The young cowhands show no mercy as they relentlessly pick off the rustlers, reserving a special fate for Long Hair.

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John Wayne was quite proud of the role, stating that it portrayed an elder instilling right skills and values into young men. Some critics lambasted the film for its depiction of violence, especially the suggestion that the boys grow into men only after embracing it. In recent years, Bruce Dern claimed this role killed off his career, and that for long afterward, strangers accosted him on the street, angry that he had killed off their hero.

Gable is a past-his-prime cowboy who, circa s Nevada, bucks against the disappearance of the Old West with the ferocity of the wild mustangs he hunts. The infamous carousing John Huston reportedly spent a fortune gambling in Reno and general disrepair—not to mention the degree temps of the desert—plaguing cast and crew seeps into each frame. The Misfits is a stunningly unsentimental portrait of twilights: of traditional notions of masculinity, of heydays, of the mythic West, of the Western itself.

The arresting stillness is then unceremoniously broken as a man on horseback bursts across the screen. A young woman Clare Bowen watches him go, tears pooling in her eyes. And the very moment you believe you have the measure of her, she raises a rifle, takes dead aim and fires. Greed is a recurring theme throughout the Western, whether in the scheming cynicism of Vera Cruz , the landowner conflicts of Once Upon a Time in the West and Shane , or in The Naked Spur , where greed is a divisive force. Greed corrodes your soul and poisons you against your comrades.

Greed persuades you to yank your prospecting partner out of bed and shoot him in the dead of night. All that and more for bags of gold that wind up being tossed to the wind like so much chaff. That they are imperilled along the way by a pack of dastardly bandits is par for the Western course. That the film exudes so much warmth and general good feeling is, perhaps, far more surprising, not just for its genre but for its creator. Ford is not widely regarded as sentimental, or gentle, or even the least bit cuddly, but Wagon Master is such a good-tempered romp that you might not expect to see his name on the marquee whatsoever.

John Sayles weaves a slow-burning, incredibly intricate reckoning in the Texas border locale of Rio County. Sheriff Sam Deeds Chris Cooper , struggling to escape the shadow of his late father, Buddy played in flashbacks by Matthew McConaughey , stumbles upon human remains and with it a year-old murder mystery that spotlights racial tensions and suspicions of institutional corruption. As the sins of much hated Sheriff Charlie Wade a menacing Kris Kristofferson are laid bare, Sam wonders if his dear old dad was involved in the offing. Tombstone Directors: George P. Cosmatos, Kevin Jarre Year: Corral and its aftermath.

Though George P. Cosmatos was credited as director after screenwriter-initial director Kevin Jarre was fired, Russell has since said he himself handled the bulk of the duties. Whoever had the ultimate word, the result is a thrillingly old-fashioned Western tweaked for modern audiences.

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Silverado Director: Lawrence Kasdan Year: He finds a piece of land on which to forge his hermit existence, and in building his Colorado homestead makes new friends and enemies—among both, members of neighboring Indian tribes. Jeremiah Johnson is a starkly beautiful, brutal tone poem. But what happens when you leave that life and that life refuses to leave you? Upon refusing to surrender after the war, Wales goes rogue and meets up with a number of outsiders—an old Indian chief and young woman, and an elderly woman and her granddaughter—in an attempt to remake his family down in Texas, far from the violence that has consumed his life.

At once adventurous and even comical at times, The Outlaw Josey Wales is also cast with elegiac tones via cinematographer Bruce Surtees. The Culpepper Cattle Co. Director: Dick Richards Year: Where to start with this film? Or the climax, which leaves everyone but Grimes and Anthony James on the proverbial slab?

Malden is the patriarch of the Prescott family, who ventures west from the Erie Canal and through 19th-century American history, including the Civil War, California Gold Rush, the Pony Express and the railroad boom. John Ford, Henry Hathaway and George Marshall co-direct, filming in the spectacular but intricately problematic curved-screen three-strip Cinerama process that made such a monumental narrative undertaking even more grandiose onscreen. James R. For Wayne, Fonda and Stewart onscreen together for the first and only time, for the insanely detailed Cinerama, for the accomplishments of cast, crew and plot, this is once-in-a-lifetime filmmaking.

The Shooting is much more enigmatic affair, although period detail and an unromantic streak pervade this one as well. A bounty hunter Warren Oates agrees to lead a mysterious woman Millie Perkins through a hellish desert to a desolate town.