Cruising for Death: Kate Jones Thriller #5 (Kate Jones Thrillers)

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Along with two other passengers, Kate is kidnapped by a long-lost enemy who wants to settle an old score. Kate's vacation turns into non-stop action when she finds herself on a jet ski surrounded by sharks, staked down over patch of fast growing bamboo, and drugged in a Voodoo ceremony, all because of a mysterious artifact only she can recover.

Add a 16th century Spanish shipwreck, hidden treasure, and an Obeah priestess and you've got trouble in paradise. Can Kate recover the mysterious artifact in time, or will she face certain death? It's adventure in paradise and promises all the fast-paced action readers have come to expect from the Kate Jones Thriller Series. I just finished 6 in the Kate Jones thrillers. I plan on finishing my housework tomorrow. I will.

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Cruising for Death, Kate Jones Thriller #5

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