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I never know who receives these little items but I receive the big blessing! Have a wonderful day sweet lady. I know your report from the Lord is! Since I was widowed 4 years ago, God has given me a new plan for my life. As a retired nurse, I was blessed to meet the local director of a pregnancy resource center. It was God ordained. She was a grief counselor prior to working for the pregnancy center. Only God could have orchestrated our meeting and friendship. So now I am blessed to have learned how to do limited obstetric ultrasounds on young pregnant women.

Showing them life and encouraging them to keep their babies. We also provide material assistance for them. What a blessing that chance meeting has made in my life. You too have been that kind of encourager in my life. God bless you, Liz. We are praying about moving to Alabama to be with our grandbabies. Waiting on God to reveal his plan before making any decisions. He has also revealed to me that I am loved by Him all the time, every second of every day. After being a Believer for 42 years I am finally grasping how much He loves me no matter my circumstances.

May God bless you with complete healing. Hello Liz! A number of years ago we moved into our present house. It was sooo big, especially compared to our smaller previous home. My husband and I were so humbled at the size of our new home and the great deal we got that we both felt we had to dedicate our home to God; that our home would be used by and for the Lords purposes. Oh, and let me say it has. However that looks or where the Lord sees fit to land us, that house too will be dedicated to His use as He wills. We cannot stop being a blessing to Him and others He puts in our path.

I also want to say, you humble me Lizzy too. With all you are going through your positive, happy, move ahead attitude is an inspiration to aspire to. You have toured throughout this illness and I can only image how exhausting that must be; but your faithfulness to continue in the desires of Gods heart are truly inspiring. I see God is working and moving in and through you.

Thank you for your faithfulness. I also pray that your tests come back just as positive as the one who is moving in and through you…God. Be blessed Lizzy! God indeed has a plan for all of us! Happy anniversary to you and your love! God has brought us our wayward, addicted daughter back home to us, and has delivered her from her drug addiction and set her on a good path! We praise Him everyday for His goodness toward her, and us! Praying you get a good report today, Liz! Thanks for always encouraging us!! Blessings, blessings, blessings abound!! Awww Lizzy, praying for your appointment today!

God has directed my path in so many glorious ways. Right now He is allowing me to teach His word to some very special ladies. Love you!!! God keeps revealing His plan if faithfulness to me over and over. After some gut wrenching turbulent months and the most brokenness I have ever lived through God spoke to me so tenderly and truly.

I see His plan for us even amongst all the pain of those months!! He loved us enough to move us to a church where they were praying for help in their music ministry. I am now the music director. He healed our marriage and now we spend time talking and praying like never before! He saved my youngest daughter from a life of misery and placed in her path a Christ believing walking wonderful man! Oh He is sooo good!!! I am so thankful thT He loved me enough to allow this what I see as a harsh plan…turn into a lovely blessed plan. My Bible study this week is on faith.

Realizing that with even a teeny tiny bit of faith our God is almighty and big enough to be able to move the mountains in our lives. Trusting in him. Increases my faith but I have to pray sometimes beg and plead—-dear God Dear God for the Holy Spirit to give me the peace that passes all understanding. My precious friend, your strength is encouraging. May we opening our hands as we receive Gods love and blessings. God is good all the time!

God walks me through everything I go through! I praise His glorious name! Glory to God! Keeping our eyes on Him,who is all faithful and nothing on this earth will happen to us that He does not already know. Faithful to me through the death of my precious Stan, at the age of 42; raising 3 kiddos by myself; going through the blessings of life: graduations,weddings,grandchildren, by myself. And then, after 17 years being blessed with another Godly man to hopefully walk to the end. He has never failed me and never will, because we walk to heavens gates. Please share the earrrings with another, even if you feel this is worthy.

I just wanted to share my life and know I love and follow and pray for you. I still have a lot of unanswered questions, but He has filled me with peace and the knowledge He has got it. Good morning Liz, and foremost I pray for good results today. I am not sure what wonderful things the Lord has in store for me as he has blessed me so much already. If anything I pray he gives me patience as my daughter is so far away right now and going through a hard time. She has found 2 lumps in her breast and one in her armpit.

Please pray for my daughter Dawn, she has had the necessary test and will see the Dr. Thanks for listening Liz. How has God revealed his wonderful plan for me lately?

Nabeel Qureshi to Undergo Cancer Treatment Monday, Shares Powerful Message on God's Sovereignty

You have such lovely, encouraging wednesday e-mails! I have really taken more comfort from Psalm 23 lately. This Psalm gives me encouragement in knowing no matter what I go through, he will always be by my side. Thank you, Lord for loving me through good times and bad times! Good morning Liz, Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you today as you go to your appointment with the Oncologist.

I also wanted to tell you how much your books have meant to me, especially this past year. I lost my beloved husband to brain cancer almost a year ago. God bless you as you celebrate your wedding anniversary tomorrow. I will remember it because it was my dear mothers birthday. Prayers for good results for you today and prayers for you and your husband for many years ahead together. Praising God for such insight from you in your emails. Thank you for your example, that even in the time of storms God is right there on our side to lift us and be with us.

I pray for myself to be more diligent in His word. I have survivors guilt, and no one was more surprised than me to discover the root of my problem. I present a very happy, hopeful face, trusting in God. I am 9 years out of stage 4 ovarian cancer and I speak to groups of women all the time about my faith in God. I started a blog a futurewithoutfear. A wise friend suggested I was fighting a spiritual battle, so I decided to pray about it. It seems simple and trite to even type it out, but God revealed to me in a mighty way that He is God, I am not, His ways are higher, not for me to understand, but to trust.

Like I said, simple but revelatory to me in such a huge way I was able to rough draft my book to the tune of 21 chapters. His plan is for me to trust Him implicitly, no one is promised tomorrow.

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Happy anniversary Liz. Each day is a gift and I know you know that as well. Liz, I like you, love my oncologist. I had a visit with him yesterday and as he stated, everything is perfect. My God who heals and holds me is the perfect one and I am thankful. I will be praying for a good report for you also!! God is also leading my minister husband and I to another church after 34 years at our present one.

It is still a process in the works, but we see His hand at every turn. While it is sad, I know His plan is perfect in this as well, and we will trust Him. Good morning, These are lovely thoughts to read this morning and a great assurance that our Lord holds all things in His hand, is trustworthy and worthy of praise! May you be blessed today with results that make your heart sing. Btw, is there somewhere to read about 33 being a year of wisdom?

My son just turned Loving my Women of Easter started reading it the day it came! Goda has revealed that retirement from teaching is good…only subbing days a month now. Is good I am freer to take care of brain injured son and my 87 year old mother. He is always with me leading me through my days. God has revealed Himself this year by providing for us. Last year I convinced him to retire at the age of I told him God will provide. It took longer than planned to receive his funds but when we did it was double the amount expected!

God is so good! I am always blessed to find your emails in my email box when I get to work in the morning.

See a Problem?

It is a glorious reminder today how God meets us in our mess. One of my favorite verses in scripture, I have so many. She is a nurse, mother of 2, living with her boyfriend and she lives in constant chaos, day in and day out. She told me on the phone Mom, I have become you, how did I get here. The heart wants what the heart wants. I remember sharing with her at 13, 15 as having been earthly fatherless so to speak that God is the Father to the Fatherless, that love is not a sexual act, but, a pure one, for God is love.

She does however, find herself in the same position as I was when she was a little girl.

Pat Mackey: Living with a terminal cancer diagnosis

First of all, Happy Anniversary!! Prayers for your appointment! I know God has got you!! God is always finding new and usually exacerbating or hilarious ways of revealing his plans for my life, but one of my favorite and most recent was just a few months ago. My husband and I had been struggling with the decision of whether I should get a job. So…we prayed about it. God has always given me a love of children and working with them. I was told before that the process usually takes about a year to become a sub. Would you believe my God laughed at that and had me certified and working in four days?!?

It was like my Lord had put this opportunity at my table on a silver platter. This new adventure has been such a blessing to my family and my soul. His timing is always the right timing! I am just over 5 years out from my completed treatment of breast cancer. The last 2 blood draws have shown one of the cancer markers elevated. Even with clear scans the oncologist is concerned my body is trying to tell us something.

Next week I have another blood draw with results coming in the following week. I try so hard to keep my focus on the wonderful Savior and cling to Him during these days leading up to yet another blood draw. Though, I will admit, fear does creep in. I love your mind set of praise God no matter what the outcome of those tests.

It is such an encouragement. Liz, How has God revealed himself to me? On December 6, I was finally released from visits with my oncologist after over 13 years of treatments for breast cancer. Praise God! Then the next day, on December 7 my husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer, aggressive and high grade. We were devastated. Now we return to that same cancer center for chemo treatments and then surgery afterwards.

God is us each day and we know that whatever the outcome is, we will praise him always!

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

Thank you, thank you for your words today. Many blessings to you, prayers for a cancer-free diagnosis and congratulations on 33 years. That is marvelous. My husband and I plan to celebrate 38 years this November! My husband and I will be married 40 years this year. We had a lovely home a wonderful family, but this year we lost almost everything. We discovered mold growing between the walls and we had to leave our beautiful home behind and move into a 2 bedroom trailor our tin can.

I lost my one and only family member, my beautiful sis, and a misunderstanding over money caused me to loose my son and his family my 4 grandchildren. Life is Good. Blessings to you and your family. As I talk to God every evening, I am emotional thankful, grateful, … as I am giving Him thanks for His continual blessings. It is comforting and amazes me to realize that I am worthy of the time and love it takes for the Lord to be with me every moment of every day. The Lord is constantly with me guiding me, helping me, protecting me with His love and wisdom. Praying for your Dr appointment. As you are about to celebrate your 33rd wedding anniversary, I am facing my third year after my divorce.

I was married for 30 years. God has shown me how he has always been my my side. Not to be part of my story. He is always with me, he never leaves me, even though there are times I feel like I have left him. He holds me tight. He loves me dearly. He is rescuing me from me self hate, denying all that is good. He is my God. It has been a tough few years. I recently lost my mom. As now my family looks even more so for spiritual guidance; i work through my grief.

My only hope is in Jesus. Thank you for bringing your joyous, infectious enthusiasm for God and His Word to us again and again!! By faith we are following His plan, actively nurturing our relationships with our kiddos, and keeping God and the Word as a centerpiece in everything. Your generous, viviacous spirit is such a gift, Liz!! Happy anniversary and much joy to you both! I have been a fan of you for many years and love your books, facebook live chats, etc. My husband and I will celebrate 36 years in August.

One of the best parts of our marriage is a shared faith in Jesus Christ. For me, I have learned this year that God is walking alongside me in this hard season. He is not behind me, pushing me to go through the season quickly, although I want to run through His timing is perfect. I look to my side, as we are moving through this journey together , knowing full well He will not let me stumble as I gaze on Him.

Liz, I look forward to your posts, as they always remind me to keep my focus on Him and not myself. I am a mental health therapist, and as I saw my business dwindling, I wondered if I should close up shop. My husband and I began to pray for clear guidance, and within days, my phone started ringing off the hook with new clients.

I would say that message was pretty clear.

When It's Time to Let Go | Focus on the Family

My husband and I first heard you speak in Indianapolis at a Gaither convention type thing we were there with our son who is in Christian music, singing and producing music. You told the panty hose story and we laughed so much our sides hurt! Liz, you are so beautiful and such an encouragement to me. Last fall I experienced an autoimmune flare up that had really been building up for months that left me with severe fatigue, headaches, emotional lability, and fear. I felt like I was dying. I realized that I was still trying to do things on my own and just allowing God to come along for the ride.

Not anymore, sister. He is leading me down a path where I am seeking His face for every step. God has led me into the wilderness where He is preparing me for His purposes and plans. I do not know what they are yet, and that scares me sometimes, but God is so good, and I am finding rest in His shadow. I go for a walk in the park close by my house, and I dwell in the secret place of the Most High.

I found a sweet little spot in the middle of a small area of woods where I lean against a tree for a while. He is healing me. I am learning to give Him my toxic thoughts and my anxiety and trading them for His peace. I am redeemed, and I am His beloved. I struggle so much with wanting the approval of others and wanting to do something BIG with my life, that I often find myself very envious and jealous of others.

He is showing me that He is enough, and that I can be content with all of the countless good things He has given me. It feels good to write all of this down! I love you, Liz, and I thank the Lord for you, your testimony, and your ministry. I think about you with fond memories of your time here last year at the Set Apart Conference.

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God was stirring things in me then! Your devotion today was beautiful. Such a comfort again to be reminded that God has everything in our lives under His control. God has a reason for everything he allows in our lives. What a marvelous and loving gift! My Lord has allowed some difficult times for me in the last few years since my daddy died in My mother was diagnosed soon after that with Alzheimers. Having been a very healthy woman physically all of her life, this was a real blow to our family. I am the only daughter and oldest sibling.

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My daddy wanted me to be the POA for my mother which I am. As is in often the case in many situations like this, I met with much criticism and unfairness from my three siblings regarding the descisions I made for our Mama. My mom is in a very nice memory care facility that she loves which is very close to me. This has been hard on me physically and emotionally. I love my brothers and I pray for their salvation. Been listening to and reading you for years Liz and I love you dearly and I love your ministry to women.

I will be praying for you today dear friend as you go to your oncologist. I do know that he has wonderful plans for you and for me. By the way happy anniversary! God has shown me his circle of life in the last week of February. A family member died and we made plans for the funeral which was out of state. The baby was born healthy. We celebrated our family members life as he was with Jesus at the same time we celebrated a new life coming into this world at the same time.

Joy and Sorrow at the same time. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. That is our God and healer. I have full trust and confidence that God will reveal to me what my purpose is in this world. After having been in a motorcycle accident last year and a car accident this year already, I know He keeps saving me for something!! In the mean time I am reading and studying His word and prayerful that He will answer and show me the way I should go.

I will continue keep you in my prayers as well, God bless you and your ministry even through Illness. Much love, Kimberly. For 28 years, I was our church choir director. Well, my husband and I just started coordinating Financial Peace University for our church. I now understand why I needed to step down as choir director. God had a new plan for me. Things are going great and someone else has even stepped up to the plate to lead the choir! My husband is living several states away due to a new job. Then I think of my mom, she lost my dad the day after Christmas.

At least I can reach out to my husband by phone or FaceTime when I need him. Pray for mom as she adjusts to being a widow. Dear Father, we are so grateful for Your Grace. And that Your mercies are new every morning! God has been teaching me how important it is to let go of what was. He is teaching me that the things I have been holding onto, are not as necessary to who I am today. Both of my parents have passed away, Daddy in and Momma in I have struggled so much with the losses. I have held on to so much stuff because it was theirs.

We moved a year ago and had put most of our things in storage. Two months in our apartment and God answered the prayer of reuniting my husband with his son. Realizing that soon into our lease we would need another bedroom, we kept our things in storage, since another move would be necessary and we were already cramped for space. My husband then had a pituitary tumor removed.

When he was released to return to work, he worked 3 days and had to have emergency back surgery. Long story short, we lost the storage unit. I have grieved this loss so hard, like losing them all over again. I have felt so lost. Who am I without these things? But God has been busy teaching me that I am more than my past.

The things I have held onto are just things. I will forever have the memories. But more importantly I am learning to look to Him. I have been putting so much value on things and focusing on where I came from that I have not been living in the present in the fullness He has intended for me. He never meant for me, or anyone, to live in the past. I am daily learning to be here and now, to look for the plan for today. I still have moments of grief over not having pictures or mementoes, but, I feel like I have a fresh canvas just waiting for new memories. God knows the plans He has for us.

Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing His love for us in your work. I am so thankful for you, your laughter, your insight, your gift with words both written and spoken. May our Heavenly Father continue to Bless you and keep you always. Easter is a glorious time to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior!! God give me Your words to share to them. God is amazing! I am a cancer patient. My plan was that I would lay down one night and go quietly in my sleep.

And my precious husband of 17 years would lay down beside me and do the same. Quite the love story right? But my plan was not Gods plan. In May of I lost my son to a motorcycle accident he left behind three sweet little boys. On the day of his memorial service we got the call that my older sister had passed away. She had just been told that she had stage 5 kidney failure. While we were already so devastated we found out that my nephew was a heroin addict. All of this just seamed to much to handle. Wade my best friend, my lover , my everything was their for me through it all.

Just four weeks after all of this my precious Wade did lay down and go quietly in his sleep. On June 25th my life as I knew it was over. I was left to suffer alone numb to everything. I would pray and I would ask for prayer for him. I was going through hip phone one day a few weeks ago and I found text messages where he and our daughter were talking about Josh our son.

Wade told her that he had never been saved but that he wanted to go to heaven when he died so that he would see our son again. That was my sign that God does not make any mistakes he was right on time with everything. I truly believe God touched my sweet husband and he is walking with God today. I am back in my church love God more with ever day that passes. Please pry for me as I walk this walk and battle this bad cancer. I know God has left me here for HIS purpose.

His plan is much greater than mine. Congratulations to you and your husband on your 33rd wedding anniversary! Love and blessings! Actually, I am still in the waiting… I trust Him with all of my life. I surrender myself to Him to be Lord over my life, whatever comes. So many things on hold… Where my husband I are to live. How I can support my husband with his health concerns.

In the waiting, I will keep my eyes on Jesus. The Lord guides me through every minute of every day by gently holding my hand, supporting my faith and directing my path so that his will for me is by his glory. It will be 5 years this November that my husband passed away. And, God blessed me, so that I would have a home to live with no mortgage payments. Mom has since passed away and is with our Lord. To Him be the glory. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! I pray fir you two, to have many many more! I thank you for always being so positive!

I pray for you and thank God for you! Thanks for telling and teaching us about the ladies! My father in law has been ill. I asked him if he knew Jesus, again same response I asked another question, same response. I let it go into the Lords Hands. Talked to the caregiver, she said seeds planted , so I continued to pray for his salvation. Last Friday my father in law died, Praising the Lord as prior to this he called God to help him.

The precious caregiver said how can I help you, you need Jesus, he call again for God to help. A: Yes. One more illustration: there is a story I heard about a woman who was carrying a heavy suitcase. She was so glad when she saw the bus come; she paid the fare and then stood in the aisle holding up the suitcase. If you are a Christian, you are on the bus. God is taking us en route to His heavenly kingdom. You must put down the suitcase. The best way to do this is to pray and make the transfer. For some this is very difficult because they have nursed their anxieties for so long.

I refuse to accept its weight on my heart and mind. I yield, I put down my suitcase for You to take care of it as You will… and I will abide with Your decision. A: You reaffirm your decision to leave it with God.

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You do not welcome the anxieties back, but reject them in the name of Jesus, breaking the power of the devil who has kept you bound. The fact is that most Muslims in America are open to talking about their religion, and willing to engage us regarding Christianity, if only we show them respect and true friendship. Just as we would resent those who would demean our religion, so they resent those who approach them with an attitude of superiority or condemnation. Love opens the door to dialogue and understanding. Believers in Christ look forward to a certain home in heaven. And this certainty turns their inward look to an upward look, a look full of promise—one we can share with all who ask us the reason for our hope.

Running To Win Dr. Erwin W. Q: Do you think there is more anxiety now than at any other time? Q: I know many people who pray and pray and are never free of anxiety…what is wrong? Q: Can you help us—help me—make a commitment like that? Read More from Dr. Disciplines that Bring Joy You can overcome the world by getting back to the basics Islam Unveiled The fact is that most Muslims in America are open to talking about their religion, and willing to engage us regarding Christianity, if only we show them respect and true friendship.

Listen to Sermons by Dr. And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. God does not just use some things for good. God uses ALL things. God will use your misdiagnosis, exhaustion, nausea, pain, regret, loneliness and fear for good. God is completely in charge. Just think of it! Even in the midst of a sinful world, God promises to work all things — every stupid, senseless, destructive and evil thing — for the good of those who love Him. God uses tumors, low cell counts, and even nausea and fatigue to fulfill His purpose.

God would not be in complete control if He only used some things or even most things. God is in control, and He uses all things. For some, any kind of suffering is easier to cope with if they can see a purpose. The burden of working your cancer into good sounds overwhelming. After all, He can use your cancer to draw people closer to Him in ways you will never know. Your job is to hang on to Jesus the best way you can. If you hunger to understand how God is using your cancer, it can be frustrating to not see evidence of God at work. God promised. God promises more than showing His works to others.

Read the verse of the day again. For whom is God working?