Lady Godiva and the Magic Pumpkin

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Velociraptor strikes again And again And again. Lady Dogiva art illustration purplehair ladygodiva doggo dog carlin pug blood witch animal cute. Os amores da minha vida!!! Nunca pensei que fosse amar tanto quatro cachorros Killing me softly Top shelf goods. In folklore, the seeds and oil are supposed to be good for prostate health.

Not good for cooking, since the heat would apparently cause the oil to lose much of it's nutritional quality. Lady Godiva was fun to try.


It didn't require much care, produced lots of large beautiful dark green leaves on the vine too. Enormous fruit.

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I had poor soil which likely is why I had fewer fruits as I see others had prolific success. I don't feel inclined to grow it again due to limited space in the garden. I enjoyed trying it though. I live in the high desert of E.

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WA where we have extreme heat and cold winters with a long growing season. I planted on a south-facing hill in my front yard and mulched with aged rabbit manure shavings. These plants grew consistently, with drip irrigation and nothing else. This is a no maintenance plant. There were 5 to 6 plants, and they produced approximately oblong, upright pumpkins.

Lady Godiva

I'm just now cutting one open and there are immature seeds, but I scooped out one cup of mature seeds to place on my dehydrator. I haven't tried eating the pulp or meat yet, but am thinking I'll dry the pulp with the seeds, and bake the meat in a degree oven today. If nothing else, I can mash it when cooked, then dehydrate for adding to winter soups.

This is a great looking pumpkin, I love the unique color and am excited to try it's versatility of uses. I had two plants. One produced round pumpkins with naked seeds and the other produced oblong pumpkins with shelled seeds. I have planted these before and this was the first time I got seeds with shells.

Lady Godiva Organic Pumpkin Seeds – West Coast Seeds

Usual seed life: 2 years. Several home-sprays are said to be somewhat effective.

जादुई कद्दू के बीज [The Magic Pumpkin Seeds] - World Folk Tales in Hindi - MagicBox Hindi

Spray any of the following at day intervals. You can add a little Kelpman to the mix. Resistant varieties get the mildew just a few days later than the other varieties. Quick Facts: Hull-less seeds for roasting fruits per plant 1 pound of seeds per fruit Super-food Matures in days. Description: Lady Godiva organic pumpkin seeds are hull-less for roasting and eating as pepitas. Allow Substitutions.

Pumpkin Layered Magic Cake

Allow Backorder. How To Grow The thick walls of some pumpkins are wonderful for cooking and store well all winter. Family: Cucurbitaceae. Difficulty Easy, but these big plants require lots of room. Product has been added to your wishlist. You can view your wishlist by logging into your account. If you don't have an account yet, simply create one using the same email address: " ". Login Register. In stock.