Mystery at the Salt Marsh Winery: A Casey Miller Mystery

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Then, you feel the pent up energy of the wave coming toward us full and strong. I love how the foam of a crashing wave can be both translucent and almost solidly opaque. It explodes out of the When you are outdoors and experiencing the landscape, all your senses are involved. At the sea it is the colors you see, the salty smell, the feel of humidity on your skin and the sounds of water that come to your awareness.

Looking at a two dimensional painting you You know Spring is here when the morning light creates a radiant blue across the bay and the inlets. When the fresh green sea grasses reappear after the long Winter it makes me so happy. It's hard to believe that such vivid gorgeous color is real, yet there it is It's so exciting to see the sparkling vitality of a wave crashing on to the sand as it surges with an explosive burst of upward motion. The rhythm of the ocean is steady but every wave is a little different from the next one. I hope you will join me at the Getting down to the ocean with my sketchpad makes me feel free and easy.

I shift from my usual random thoughts to focus only on analyzing what I see and translating it into line. Sometimes I forget how much I love drawing. I especially love to quickly capture The blues are soft yet vivid and the Spring greens are bright with life. I'll bet you can't wait for these days when we can all If you are like me, you can't wait for those warm beach days when an aquamarine wave tumbles in and you can stand with your bare feet in the sand.

In the meantime, we will have to do a bit of day dreaming and recall what it was like last summer. Remembering those What is it about getting down to the ocean that sets you free? Is it the feel of the sand under foot? The rhythmic pounding of the waves landing at the shore? The salty clean air you can breathe in deeply? Or is it all that space that allows you to release a Happy Holidays Everyone! My mood and thoughts are still with late Summer and craving the bright green of new energy. Just completed this painting and let out a sigh of relief and hope for the future.

Wishing you all an easy and relaxed holiday filled with a bit of No matter what drama is going on in your life, nature can help soothe. A painting can also serve that function, especially one that is abstract and has no specific reference to place or time. As a viewer, you can step in with fresh eyes and experience how Looking out on the bustling ocean I wonder, how did man ever figure out that he could safely swim, surf or play in the waves? We must have learned by trial and error. I love to watch children at the beach. We bring our babies to the shore, holding them tightly and dip Sitting on the sand and observing the traveling curve of the breaker, I see elegance and raw power.

The percussive sound, the scent of clean salt, and a soft breeze all impact my body and my psyche. I realize my breathing has synchronized with the crashing of the It takes at least 15 minutes to unwind once you get settled at the beach. Sometimes it takes even longer. The combinations of gray that can be made with oil paints are infinite. They are never just black mixed with white out of the tube. Some of the most intriguing color combinations are grays that are achieved by mixing complements like blue and orange, purple and I had a little unaccounted for time this morning and decided that what I should do is drive down to the beach and sketch.

I had my favorite pen but my sketchbook wasn't in the car. I reached into the glove compartment for any paper, receipt or back of an envelope. As you can see, colors in my abstract works are closely aligned with my representational paintings. But there is an important distinction. In the abstractions, I don't envision how the finished painting will look. It's all about trial and error. Here, the proportions There is an engaging emotional lift on viewing a turquoise swimming pool. It makes us happy to just look at!

Dive in and we immediately feel younger, almost weightless. Buoyed by water all our senses come alive. Our skin registers the When you were a child and arrived at the beach, did you jump right in? If my bathing suit was on, no gray sky, seaweed thick water or cool air could stop me from taking the plunge. All over the Hamptons this summer you see the hydrangea in full bloom. I'm lucky enough to have 3 bushes planted right in the front of my home where the shades of lavender and cobalt are infinite. Each blossom is an expression of exquisite color. The colors dazzle In these very challenging times of anger and confusion, taking some time and space can help to bring clarity.

Expanses of water and sky at the ocean are a gift to your psyche, a place to rest for just a moment. Looking at a painting that parallels that experience The sapphire, lime and cerulean of my palette creates a positive emotional charge whether it's in the curve of a realistic wave, or in the arc of a rounded form. You can see that the abstract paintings draw from my many years as a landscape painter. They rely my love The ocean is forever mysterious. Our peripheral vision can sense the size but cannot grasp the whole. You can stretch your eyes out to the horizon and imagine what is under it but never know.

The ocean baffles as it entices us. And yet the ocean sound is Most of you who know me know I love to paint outdoors but of course that isn't always practical. I'm so lucky to have my studio by the sea. I can actually see a postage stamp view of the water through the glass doors. That's really important to me, as I can gauge Seeing the bay in various shades of teal sparkling in the sunshine made me appreciate the sea all over again. I didn't realize just how much I missed it when I spent last Spring in the city.

As I move the pen across the paper I attempt to capture the thrill of being Here's my most recent ocean painting revealing the power of an off shore breeze against the dynamic force of the incoming wave. I love how the oil paint itself describes the fury of the sea.

The extraordinary colors are taken from life but pushed a bit to express my One of the great things about Winter in the Hamptons is that there are so many beaches where you can drive right up and see the ocean right from your car. Even if it's freezing outside you can have a look, see what the ocean is doing and immediately breathe in a sense There is no doubt that living in NYC left me thinking about what I should be painting. Surrounded by concrete buildings and looking out on the even array of windows had an impact.

At the same time, I was still dreaming about the Hamptons and everything that I love Getting in the water is intensely frigid at first. You have to plow past the jade colored wave breaks and before you know it, you are completely wet. Duck under the wave, get your entire head wet and you feel at least five years younger. It's invigorating and Have you ever really watched the waves? Crush, boom, spray- all percussion and so powerful.

It is amazing to me that the wave never quite exactly repeats itself. Some appear similar to the previous ones, then all of a sudden electric all mighty crash occurs and wakes I had to photograph, then shot the quick video-trying to take it all in. The sounds help take you there so please have What is the scent of salt air? You arrive at the ocean and breathe in that briny, bracing, clean smell.

It cues the brain that you are in a special environment. Perhaps it sends you back in time, reminding you of other times at the shore. When you first put your feet in the sand it's warm. A sensation like no other, the warmth travels up your body. All while you look out on to an ocean curling forward of colors that are sparkling bottle green, deep viridian with pearly white foam exploding at the edge Winkler Akashic Books. MacKenzie DS Brewer. Champagne iUniverse. Jones AuthorHouse. Henry AuthorHouse. Hippler iUniverse. Caldwell iUniverse. Franklin iUniverse. Dewey Balboa Press. Johnson iUniverse.

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Mystery at the Salt Marsh Winery

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