New Time (Wesleyan Poetry Series)

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Seven years after its founding in , the Press garnered its first Pulitzer, with The End of the Open Road by Louis Simpson, giving the press national recognition and an increasing number of submissions.

Evan Okun - "A Series of Short Stories" (CUPSI 2013)

Now with hundreds of different books and papers published, the University Press has continued its dominant presence in the world of scholarly journals and poetry. The poetry community needs that.

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Of the hundreds of manuscripts submitted, the Press publishes only twenty-five a year. The university operations are the ones that are sending out the best literature.

According to Willis, Spicer and Armentrout are the most recent benefactors of this tradition. Same for Jack Spicer, who during his lifetime was published nearly entirely on small presses, now getting this deserved recognition. Tamminen and the rest of the press staff, holding these words dear, continue to branch out to other scholarly subjects to find the best new books and studies to publish. It is truly the published community, however, that understands the work of the Press, the historical undercurrent of the offbeat, and the superb results that publishing can yield.

Michael Patrick Curran. The Little Edges (Wesleyan Poetry Series) (): Fred Moten: Books

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January 18, Gender Studies Department. Global Studies. January 11, October 26, April 13, Spring Writers Series Features Poets.

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