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Yay for not being creepy. It was nice to revisit the Eldritch homeworld, after getting to see it once in Hogarth's Family. On the other hand, all that beauty was a gloss over the truth: the Eldritch are dying out.

Rose Point

The horses they depend upon are badly inbred, they have no medical technology to speak of, and many of the Houses are unable to feed their tenants. The Alliance and other colonies have everything necessary to save them, but first they have to overcome their own xenophobia.

It's not necessary to have read Family in order to understand the problems the Eldritch are facing — in fact, I think Rose Point did a better job of explaining what was going on and how the Eldritch had managed to survive so far. Reese and her crew knew even less about how the Eldritch lived than Vasiht'h did, but, working together, they figured out an awful lot in a short amount of time.

Their theories, along with Liolesa's talks with Hirianthial, laid everything out pretty nicely and did a good job of communicating just how dire the situation was for the Eldritch. Unfortunately, there is a lot of talking and not a lot of showing. I still don't entirely understand how commoner Eldritch live, and I'm still left with the feeling that the Eldritch are composed mostly of nobles and their servants.

Even so, the stuff about Eldritch noble life was interesting. Reese had to learn a little about how to behave in order to be officially presented in court, and the rules about who could touch each other and how were fascinating.

Plus, those details provided an opening for Moments between Reese and Hirianthial. I got the feeling, in the previous book, that Hogarth was working towards romance between the two of them. I was not entirely on board with this.

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One, Hirianthial got along with just about every other Earthrise crew member better than he did with Reese. Two, Reese seemed determined to insult Hirianthial at every opportunity. She complained about the number of times he had to be saved even during a scene in which she was being saved by him , and she accused him of reading her thoughts, on purpose, without her permission.

This was still the state of their relationship at the beginning of Rose Point. It changed, like flipping a light switch, to something lighter and more friendly, after Hirianthial's kidnapping. However, this brings me back to my wish that Reese's I kept expecting the old Reese to reappear and flinch away from Hirianthial on the assumption that he was reading her private thoughts. Reese's thoughts and behavior didn't always seem consistent, and I groaned when she made a few incredibly reckless promises near the end.

As much as she likes the Eldritch homeworld, she knows absolutely nothing about horses. Also, for all she knew, Kerayle had been overrun by pirates and all its horses had been killed. It didn't very smart for her to be promising to breed horses for the Eldritch. Unless one assumes she's going to end up with Hirianthial, who has hundreds of years of horse-breeding experience You know, I feel like every time I review something that I enjoyed but still had problems with, I end up sounding like I hated it. I'm crossing my fingers that the conclusion to the trilogy will be satisfying. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist.

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We are sadly aware that this must be quite shocking news to barnacles everywhere. But furiously desperate situations call for furiously desperate procedures and stuff. Troubling warning signs not to be ignored and all that crap. So her slightly enjoying the vile thing known as A Rose Point Holiday was the last straw exoskeleton for her murderous family and friends.

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Such a repugnantly immoral display of heart-warming, sweet, loving, adorable Holiday cheerfulness is so absolutely offensive, and against everything homicidal maniacs stand for, that it was unthinkable for us not to take action post haste! Something had to be done to save the Nefarious One's scrumptiously vindictive soul!!

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So QED and stuff. Warm-up first, rescue second. Wouldn't want to strain a muscle or something. And I loved every minute of it. Ergo, extinction of all life on this planet awaits. It was nice knowing some of you you all. Adios now. View all 18 comments. Apr 16, Cathy cathepsut rated it it was amazing.

So saccharine-sweet and fluffy, it will give you cavities. Which is ok, as it was intended as holiday reading. It is also full of good ideas for another novel in this particular series or maybe the Pelted Universe as a whole. Should definitely be read after the Her Instruments trilogy. Part of my Pelted reading challenge, I plan to read them all. Afterword from the author: So I embarked on this enterprise, and i So saccharine-sweet and fluffy, it will give you cavities.

Looking forward to it!

M.C.A. Hogarth

View all 4 comments. Apr 16, Maria Dimitrova rated it really liked it. A sugary sweet novel set in the middle of the epilogue of Laisrathera. A "slice of life" type of book that let us see a bit more of the Eldritch traditions and spend a little more time with Reese and her family but without the pressure of saving a world from evil slavers and idiotic idealists. It's so sweet in fact that I suggest you check your blood sugar levels after reading it :D It's capable of warming even the coldest hearts waves at Sarah!

If you lack the later a good book would do as a substitute. View all 7 comments. May 10, Choko rated it really liked it Shelves: sci-fi-fantasy , fantasy. Because sometimes even we need some pelted romance: : : A very pleasant collection of stories following the end of the Eldritch civil war and our new settlers trying to get assimilated to the Eldritch world. The gift giving story was my favorite, since it was very well thought out and very sweet!

I love the multitude of races and characters and I can't wait to read more of this Universe!!! Very easy and pleasant to read!!! As the author says, if you would like a Romance without the explicit content, and friendships that will last for ever, this series is a good choice. And I think humanity needs to figure out a way to create Flitzbies in real life, because we all might benefit from them May 12, The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears rated it it was amazing Shelves: author-i-will-marry , author-is-my-rock-star , best-covers-ever , books-on-kindle , characters-black-heroines , characters-kick-ass-heroines , characters-starship-captains , e-books-purchased , favourite-books , genre-science-fiction.

That super loud "squee" you may have heard was me when I saw there was a fourth book in the insanely awesome Her Instruments series. We all have those fictional book couples whom we love so much that we hate to see their stories end, despite the HEA. Reese and Hirianthial are one of mine. This short, sweet and full of holiday goodness novella centers around the holiday season, before the wedding of the ages between off-worlder and non-noble Theresa Reese Ed That super loud "squee" you may have heard was me when I saw there was a fourth book in the insanely awesome Her Instruments series.

This short, sweet and full of holiday goodness novella centers around the holiday season, before the wedding of the ages between off-worlder and non-noble Theresa Reese Eddings and her Eldritch mate, Hirianthial. Poor Reese is the proverbial deer in the headlights as she not only struggles to set her new home - Rose Point and its surrounding town - to rights, all the while trying to not overwhelm a land unused to technology, and recovering from a brutal civil war. She's also forced to be celibate before the wedding.

And soon to be hubby Hirianthial isn't helping much, with his penchant for counting kisses. What's a poor, now rich, former starship captain to do? The cover! All kinds of happy feels. Braids, dark-skinned heroine. More please??? View 1 comment. Dec 31, Quartzen rated it it was amazing. A fine read to end the year with. This takes place in an offscreen pocket of the epilogue to Laisrathera, from the local gift-giving winter holiday through New Year's Day, and it covers a lot of the emotional settling in and rebuilding in the wake of that story with some sweet moments between Reese and the rest of the cast too.

Most of all I like how Reese has been allowed to grow and change without the person she was before, shaped by her life up until that point, being demonized the way that o A fine read to end the year with. Most of all I like how Reese has been allowed to grow and change without the person she was before, shaped by her life up until that point, being demonized the way that often happens for "prickly" heroines.

I understand a sequel trilogy to Earthrise centering around another character is planned, and I can't help but hope we'll get to check in with Reese and company now and again as well. Dec 09, Diane rated it it was amazing Shelves: science-fiction , holiday , low-conflict. Not the place to start, but warm and wonderful! I'm so glad I decided to go ahead and get this holiday story, which takes place during the epilogue of book 3. I devoured this trilogy within days. So, couldn't the end of the crisis conditions on-world content me for a while? Answer: nope!

The author's note explains that it grew from a planned mere short story, an extra serialized on her website. Sometimes the Not the place to start, but warm and wonderful! Sometimes the best things aren't what we plan! This story is quiet, no action, no bad guys. There's a meaningful ritual about history, sacrifice, and gratitude, which resonates with Reese's own background. There's giving and receiving carefully thought-out gifts among family-by-choice, from humorous, to touching, to the life-changing opportunities in Liolesa's little envelopes.

I was delighted to finally learn more about Kis'eh't's past and Bryer's hopes.