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At first, when she found the man sleeping on the steps outside her house, she had taken him for a tramp. But then it occurred to her that he was the best-dressed tramp she had ever seen. When the police informed her that he was an American singer who had gone missing in town, and was quite the drinker to boot, she had laughed and said had she known she would have invited him in. Thorson had wasted the entire day on that pain in the neck, all so he could shove him onto a plane and send him home. The singer was from New York.

He had arrived in Iceland a week ago with a group of his fellow countrymen to entertain the troops, had been drunk more or less throughout his stay and had managed to get himself into a series of scrapes. Thorson had been dragged into it when the man was beaten up after drunkenly insulting a bunch of soldiers after one of his shows. All he could remember was that there had been three of them, they had found fault with his singing, and he had accused them of being rednecks. The incident had taken place behind the large barracks where the show, and a dance, had been held for the troops.

Two days later, when all the performers were due to fly home, he failed to show up at the airfield. Thorson was given the task of finding him and getting him on that plane, no matter what. Thorson soon discovered that he had been playing poker in the kitchen with the cooks until the small hours.

One of them told Thorson that the man had been ranting about getting even with a bunch of punks, and that he had last been seen, at the crack of dawn, heading in the direction of the harbour. Then a mature woman, wearing Icelandic national costume, reported that she had been accosted by a foreigner who had started following her in the vicinity of White Star, a late-night bar on Laugavegur, and offered her money to sleep with him. The plane was revving up for take- off.

Without further ado Thorson stamped on the accelerator and raced down the runway. By then the entertainer was waking up to the realisation that his plane was about to leave and that he was in danger of being stranded on this remote island. He stood up in the jeep, waving his arms frantically and raising his fine tenor voice to bellow at the plane to stop. The pilot sat watching their approach and for a moment it appeared that he was going to ignore them, then he threw up his hands in surrender and waited while Thorson pulled up along- side.

The noise of the propellers was ear-splitting. A door in the fuselage opened and the singer leapt out of the jeep, grabbed his suitcase and was about to race to the plane when he remembered his saviour.

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Turning to Thorson, he drew himself up straight, raised a hand smartly to his brow in a salute, then climbed aboard. Thorson heaved a sigh of relief, swung the jeep out of the way, and watched the plane trundling down the runway, before lifting clumsily into the air and vanishing into the west. The man, who had only a hazy recollection of meeting Thorson before, said he had no idea what he had been doing there. The Shadow Killer is a book which will appeal both to adult readers and to reluctant senior high school students.

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The exploration of the father-son dynamic will resonate with readers of both genders, and the swift-moving plot will keep readers engaged, regardless of their reading skill level. The Rapid Reads line of books is perfect for the adult on the go who desires an intriguing read that can be devoured in one setting.

Download Chapter 1. Download Reading Guide. Related Titles. The Shadow Killer by Gail Bowen It's Father's Day weekend—a tough time for Charlie D, host of a late-night radio call-in show that offers supportive advice to troubled listeners. Various subplots complicate the story as Flovent and Thorston delve into possible leads, including any possible role of U.

Intelligence and a possible visit to the island by Winston Churchill. The sharp prose and excellent translation enhance this second novel in the series. Indridason continues to provide us with top-notch thrillers, and we look forward to his next effort. The novel is highly recommended. But this case becomes more complicated when the dead man was misidentified and another travelling salesman may have been the suspected target. The plot has two line of inquiry and we have a lot of interrogations going on with the detectives hectoring witnesses and suspects, maybe a little too much.

These characters are important players in this mystery. As the story unfolds Flovent and Thorson are pulled further down the rabbit hole and the more their finding point to someone with military experience, the more turbulent their investigations become. This mystery veers one way then jolts in the opposite direction over and over again but the problem is that it takes for over to get going. To various strands are woven together and much territory covered before the case is solved.

Interesting by the end if you have the patience to hang on…… Tiny Iceland, which had been largely isolated, was first invaded by about 25, British troops. When the novel begins, the British are about to depart and the Yanks are taking over in even larger numbers. A time of great upheaval--the war, the Allied troops, the cultural and social confrontations.

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A young man is found murdered with a bloody swastika on his forehead. The weapon, a Colt 45, is associated with the American forces. Flovent, an Icelandic policeman, and Thorson, a Canadian seconded to the American Military Police are united again in the investigation. I have not read The Shadow District, the first book in this series.

Both Flovent and Thorson are likable characters who lack the super-crime-solving abilities of many detectives. They do the best they can in a difficult situation fraught with all kinds of social and political ramifications from both Icelandic and military interference. May 29, Print length: pages. It is in a way very refreshing to read a book that is set almost 80 years ago, in a country that I've never been to not that I don't want to Here no running around with mobile phones, driving around in fast cars or travelling through big cities.

Here, we have Flovent and Thorson, two men with a very different background, that have to work together and they do this suprisingly well. It is not very hard to see where the story leads but it is still interestin It is in a way very refreshing to read a book that is set almost 80 years ago, in a country that I've never been to not that I don't want to It is not very hard to see where the story leads but it is still interesting and of course beautifully written by one of my favorite Nordic authors. This novel in Nordic Noir genre is set in World War 2.

The Shadow Killer

Somewhat simplistic in plot without a defined mystery. I like the throwback series- set pre-Erlendur in the Second World War era. If Arnaldur killed off any more modern-day characters, that would probably be more homicides than have actually happened in Iceland. The year is and Flovent is an investigator with the Reykjavik police. He is a relative newcomer to murders in a city that is relatively free of that sort of crime. The victim has been shot in the face, his billfold id missing and his name is Felix Lunden. A swastika is traced on his forehead in his own blood.

In his spare time, Flovent has been lobbying for photographs to be taken at crime scenes and for Iceland to institute a fingerprint system for criminals 4 stars I read the Kindle edition. In his spare time, Flovent has been lobbying for photographs to be taken at crime scenes and for Iceland to institute a fingerprint system for criminals. The reader then learns that he is fluent in Icelandic and has parents who originally came from Iceland. Thorson is then partnered with Flovent and they investigate the murder of Felix Lunden. Flovent, who is somewhat of a specialist in firearms, believes that Felix was shot with an American military pistol — a Colt.

Thus it could be an American who shot him. When a witness identifies the dead man as not being Felix Lunden, Flovent and Thorson have an even greater mystery on their hands. He is a thoroughly unlikeable fellow. He is combative and abusive and demands Flovent get out of his house. He also seems more than a little paranoid. Rudolph was earlier held for questioning as a German who may have ties to the Nazi government.

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This is interesting because in a suitcase found at the death scene, a cyanide capsule was found. Whose suitcase was it? Thorson and Flovent then go to visit the German consulate, a now-abandoned building under the case of the Swedish Embassy. This was a fascinating part of the book, with the old pictures and papers found there. They continue to interview possible witnesses, and relatives of Felix Lunden.

They are still trying to locate them.


A man comes to tell the police that one of his traveling salesmen was missing. The officer calls Flovent some days later and reports to him. Flovent tells him to quickly have the man come to the morgue. The wholesaler identifies the man as Eyvindur Ragnarsson who was one of his worst salesmen ever.

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The police investigation uncovers a dastardly Nazi plot, double agents and more name calling and backstabbing than the reader can shake a stick at. Flovent is a relentless interrogator. I felt that there was not sufficient information given about Flovent, and especially Thorson to flesh them out as people.

Þýska húsið (Reykjavik Wartime Mystery #2) by Arnaldur Indriðason

I was disappointed in this part of the novel. The book is very well written and plotted though. I enjoyed this book and very much look forward to reading the next novel that Mr. Indridason pens. I want to thank NetGalley and St. As usual in his books, I enjoy reading about an exotic location and its inhabitants, and I particularly like learning about Iceland's experience during the war. I can only imagine what it was like to live in an insular society on a cold, remote island in the middle of the ocean and to suddenly be overrun and occupie 'The Shadow Killer', another of Indridason's novels based in Iceland at the time of its occupation by Allied forces in WWII, was a slog to get through with no real payoff at the end.

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I can only imagine what it was like to live in an insular society on a cold, remote island in the middle of the ocean and to suddenly be overrun and occupied by forces from the major powers. That being said, the stuff that piqued my interest didn't make up for the plodding plot. The story begins with a murder victim being found and the forensic evidence pointing to an American pistol doing the deed.

That's about as far as the forensics take us. Reykjavik's only detective is assigned to the case, as is a representative of the occupying force's military police. They work together at times, and also try to make progress independently. The case is very sensitive, obviously, since the offending bullet was from a Colt. Absent the niceties we have available in modern society for investigations DNA, video, etc. The victim was a traveling salesman who was murdered in the home of another traveling salesman who has disappeared. Those facts, along with the bullet, are all they have to go on, so the story proceeds with their interviews of all those familiar with the folks involved and the onion continues to be peeled, slowly but surely.

Mix in the possibility that one of the suspects could be a Nazi spy who had participated as a child in some unsanctioned 'experiments' on his classmates at the behest of his father and the story becomes a little more interesting. The conclusion isn't what you'd call satisfying, although some of the mysteries of the various subplots are clarified.

The writing in The Shadow Killer is a problem. It does nothing to propel the story, everything is methodical, and there's a total absence of personality on almost all of the characters. I liked the historical fiction aspect of it and I'm always fascinated by the difference in how investigations proceed in different locales, but the return on this one just didn't justify the investment. This is yet another excellent addition to Scandi Noir, set in one of my favorite locations: Iceland.

Reykjavik in is 'occupied' by the British. As they leave, the Americans arrive. The goal is to keep Germany from invading Iceland and Reykjavik is bursting at the seams with soldiers, young girls who want to have fun with the exotic newcomers as well as everyone who sees the opportunities this tide of foreign troops brings. A man is found shot to the back of his head, a swastika painted on his forehead in his own blood. Flovent, an investigator with the Reykjavik police, is teamed up with Thorson, a Canadian Icelandic MP with the Americans, to solve the murder.

A case of mistaken identity muddies the waters. Was this a personal killing or a political one? It's a treat reading a mystery that teaches as well. I immediately looked up whether or not Churchill visited Iceland when I finished the book. The ending was a satisfactory one and I look forward to reading more about Flovent and Thorson as the war carries on. They are both such likeable characters and I also like that Mr.

Indridsason is not only a wonderful writer, but one who doesn't go in for salacious gory details. Great writing, good characterization, puzzling mystery and interesting historical facts Enjoyed this historical mystery and it's multiple, plausible suspects. Good pacing and the writing translation filled the main characters in well. Since I'm not familiar with Icelandic culture, could be their nature to answer Police questions with their own questions, I felt that the lack of respect and outright contempt civilians showed the Homicide Detectives was a bit much.

Law and Order this isn't. The authorities were frequently met with hostile questions from civilians in the course of t Enjoyed this historical mystery and it's multiple, plausible suspects. The authorities were frequently met with hostile questions from civilians in the course of their investigation into a murder.

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