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Whether this was intentional, as Richard Armitage is, in case you didn't know, going on to bigger or is that smaller things, being cast as the lead Dwarf in The Hobbit , or whether it was done to make the main villain this season be more human, rather than an entire country or faceless threat, I am not sure. But to make the leading man the main bad guy of a entire show is brave and, in my opinion, pays off. Well, for the most part. Leading straight on from last week, we see that Lucas or should we now be calling him John?

Having disposed of Vaughn and taken Maya into hiding with him, Lucas still wants Albany and is willing to do anything to get it into the hands of the Chinese. Now, this is where things get a bit odd, as while this all makes for great telly, there are some massive plot holes and character issues. Maya, for example, sits passively along for the ride, not questioning John in any way.

But, for the moment, let's put aside the fact that these issues exist and focus on the fact that this really is an action TV show that, for all intents and purposes, is Bourne , only with a lot cheaper budget. So, for the first time all season, Lucas puts all his MI5 skills and spy training to good use, being elusive, cunning and trying to repair his increasingly deluded psyche. Now, as has happened with a lot of seasons of Spooks , we are introduced to a character who has a potential to become a new member of the team. Alec is a thinker, an ex-officer who has been in the game a long time and, as such, is a character Harry can turn to in assisting in bringing down Lucas.

With his state of mind slowly crumbling, Lucas' use of Harry and the team to bring him Albany is actually highly effective, from using Ruth as a pawn to planting false bombs and even using an innocent life to get his goals. Lucas' use of all the skills in his repertoire is pretty impressive in his attempt to get his hands on Albany, which we find is a chemical weapon, a piece of technology that can be tweaked to a specific ethnicity, and something that has been used as a deterrent to stop wars and conflicts around the globe.

It is, it would seem, a very bad time for Harry to start to show his feelings. For nearly ten years Harry has been the stoic hard as nails leader of Grid. He's been the hardened defender of this country, showing little to no emotion as his team have, over the past few years been blown up, shot, dipped in chip fat, had their throat slit and murdered in front of him. Jack Bauer, pah!

Harry would have taken him out even before the fight had started. So, it's a real surprise that this week Harry's love for Ruth nearly causes the entire country to get embroiled in a potential war between China and Britain. Has Harry finally cracked under the pressure? Well, no, not exactly, as it seems that everything in this episode is once again a ploy, as Albany isn't really the weapon it is purported to be. It's a deterrent, nothing more, as, in reality, it doesn't actually work. Through all his torture in Russia, the missions he has been on and the secrets he has kept, Lucas has loved Maya.

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Follow 5 Kudos. Continuation of Spook Hunting Thread. Overview Sorry!

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Loading editor. More History. Save changes Preview Cancel. UnikarnzMagik removed this reply because: cftutrf. UnikarnzMagik removed this reply because: cyf. UnikarnzMagik removed this reply because: gfv. UnikarnzMagik removed this reply because: kj. Babythedude wrote: Should i hunt in the main biome which is easier to find but have a higher competition or hunt in the mountain where its hard to look? Edited by m , October 21, Sorry for the task manager bar at the bottom. Edited by TooMuchOptions , October 21, Trainlover wrote: Overview Sorry! Definitely worth the wait! Edited by Trainlover , October 22, Marktheartest removed this reply because: I made a mistake adding the photos.

Me and my good friend found a sapling spook last night, right on the volcano road. We let it grow out a bit and it eventually grew into mid-teen tree over the span of about an hour and a half. After we let it grow for about an hour and a half you can see the other stubs on the tree starting to develop Right after we found it before letting it grow. Cutton wrote:. First sight top left Getting closer Reaching it. Trinxi0 removed this reply because: Flood. Trainlover wrote: Spook 25! Spook 26! Smaller tree, in a very convienient place.

Spook 8 found in main biome. First sight Getting closer Reaching it jac you know you want to crop this for absolutely no reason. First sight Side view Top view. My 28th spook tree. Took a 20 min to chop and sawmill. Spook 31! First sight Reaching it. Edited by Krstecd , October 22, Im intrested. Mehda removed this reply because: we already had to make a new thread because of your crapposts. Mehda removed this reply because: crappost. Jelly Shelley. Tri removed this reply because: old. Edited by DriftKing15 , October 23, Tri removed this reply because: Going to waste more space on the spook thread with another fight.

My 29th spook tree. Did you let it grow? Does sinister only spawn on Halloween? I have found about 9 spook, but no sinister. Edited by Dalrae , October 24, Sinister is x rare than spook, but it does grow. Finally after about servers my first spook of the year!

Tri wrote: Did you let it grow? NOTE: we did save it and we harvested it first sight getting closer reaching it side view top view. Tri wrote: You probably won't get sinister because even the people with like 30 spooks have no sinisters yet and you only have 5 spooks. Oh wait I forgot sinister only spawns during october but spook spawns until December.

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They only have a week to get it. Tri wrote: Well if they only have that many and sinister is X rarer and they only have a few months to get it. Okay, Tri. Lumbertycoon removed this reply because: I didn't want to waste replires, since there is a limit. The spook and sinister hunting thread said it does so I was confused.

Also I just now realize how stupid my logic was rip me.

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TooMuchOptions wrote: did anyone find spook today. Is spook season over? But, we do have to keep in mind some folks post their find on the Spook Wood page, so if no one has posted on here that does not mean no one has found any for the day; though I do have to admit it seems Spook is rarer on this day. The tree with me and some friends. Trainlover wrote: TooMuchOptions wrote: did anyone find spook today. Countingtodeath wrote: Trainlover wrote: TooMuchOptions wrote: did anyone find spook today.

Last October 24, Found already 31 spook trees and one sinister iiQuixoticDobut shout out. Last October 26, got lucky found 4 times in that day Found already 31 spook trees and one sinister iiQuixoticDobut shout out I didnt get the spook tree on the last photo coz my planks glitching and wobbly so i decided to leave the server. Bugatti Boi.

I can't find even a stump. My 31th spook tree. My 5th spook. It's an elder! My 32th spook tree found an hour ago and since October 2, and one sinister tree. TooMuchOptions wrote: My 5th spook. Spook Very angry that someone beat me to it, but at least i get the rights of finding it! Spook 33! Very angry that someone beat me to it, but at least i get the rights of finding i Why are you angry someone found it before you? Edited by Trinxi0 , October 28, Why do my replies embed themselves into the quote??? Sawmill glitched and came out like dis.

Everyone likes spook lol but i claimed it. My 1st spook, and probably my last one this year. Found in the Main Biome. My first spook tree. Edited by MinecraftMircea , October 29, I'm so mad, me and my friend were searching for sinister wood, and I had to go. Right after I had to go, he found one. This game hates me I guess sinister isn't good for u guys lol. Guess I'm gonna have 5 spooks by the end of October. Edited by EwncewlEthel , October 29, I think I'm going to end up with 0 spooks by the time of the end of December.

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Tree 35, first sight! Tropics spook yay! Tree Edited by Killerwiki , October 30, Tree 37, another monster xD. Found already 39 spook trees since October 2, Its already November 1 here am. Playing 14 hrs straight. Havent found spooks on halloween theme. Need to sleep. My thiccest spooc tree I've found thicc tree m8 yield of the thicc spooc tree.

YAY spooky spooky spooky tree found. Spook 34! Spook 35! Gave this to ewnce First sight. Unfortunately this was stolen as i was loading in. The theif. The theif of Lumberland has gone under the radar. Please send all infomation related to the theif to Trainlover Search Team of Lumberland is searching for the theif who stole a spook wood. Trainlover wrote: Spook 35!

Trade war latest spooks markets, sending Dow down 600 points at lows

Spook 10 found on mountains above swamp. Spook 11 found in mountains above swamp again. Spook 12 found in taiga biome. But once i cut it I threw it off a cliff into water cuz i thought there was land at the bottom of the cliff fml. HD small boi non-HD small boi aerial view of small boi. Found my first tree!

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