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He was arrested on suspicion of illegal possession of a firearm after the officers found a semi-automatic rifle in his car. The case has since gripped the nation, with round-the-clock TV coverage. It took the police a day and a half to count the wads of damp bills that were stuck together, suggesting they had been stored underground.

It had earlier been revealed that the pope had also objected to the figure of the sum in Argentinian currency, which was 16,, pesos.

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His colleagues have gone missing, and he fears the worst…. Five new investigators arrive to offer their services, armed with fifty-nine new player cards including a complete playset of each that allow you to pursue new deck-building strategies and new styles of play. Where will your search for Professors Rice and Morgan take you? What will you learn? What connections will you uncover between recent events and the rumors that date back to Dr.

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Each of the six Mythos Packs that complete the cycle adds new layers of intrigue and new challenges that you can enjoy either as a standalone adventure or as a part of an eight-act mystery. The beauty of the matter is that because both of these cards are level zero, you can include one or two copies of each in your deck, albeit at the cost of two to four of your precious cross-class card slots.

What secrets lie behind the sealed doors of Miskatonic University? What do the disappearances of Professors Rice and Morgan have to do with the events of Dunwich, several months back? When recent events at the university and Clover Club lead you to believe that someone may now be searching for this strange and ancient tome — someone who should not be permitted to delve its secrets — you make your way to the Museum. The hour is late, and the place is locked. But you know you must recover the book before anyone can access its arcane secrets for dark purposes.

Will you make use of these cards? How will you make use of them? While the train you take may offer the fastest transit to your next lead, it may not offer the safest… When the train rumbles, shakes, and lurches to a halt, you and your fellow investigators must race from your car to the engine.

Its sixty cards including a complete playset of each new player card , challenge you to delve the secrets of Dunwich, where you suspect a series of recent disappearances may be related to the events in Arkham. Even as your investigation of the town leads you to many of the locations infamously identified in H. It was no joke tracking down something as big as a house that one could not see, but that had all the vicious malevolence of a daemon. Nor will your shotgun. Not only must these abominations be annihilated, but it has fallen to you to do so.

The citizens of Dunwich will offer you little aid; they are too deep in their panic. They can think of no better response to the unseen creatures that can smash houses as though they were made of paper than to run screaming, praying for safety. The question is: Can you do any better? Here, our shotguns are rendered meaningless in the face of enemies that defy human comprehension.

Pistols are wholly ineffective.


Dynamite is useless. Your only hope for survival lies in your ability to broaden your understanding of the universe.

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But the more keen-eyed among you may have already noted, your chances improve if you stick together. How will you respond to the challenges before you? Will you panic?

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Or will you hold fast to your belief that some strange, obtuse parchment may save you when guns, blades, and explosives will not? Is this very belief not a madness of its own? Must you now embrace this madness to defeat another, greater madness? The energy swirls along the crushed trail before you and seeps down several other paths before disappearing… — Where Doom Awaits.

Gather your strength. Take a deep breath. There are sinister forces behind them, evil cultists who have delved too far into dark magic. They have made unholy pacts.

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They have summoned unnatural powers into the New England countryside. And you must stop them. The problem, though, is that the paths to the top of the hill no longer travel exclusively through our world. As the sorcerers foul the world with more of their ritual magic, your path through the wooded hillside carries you to spaces tainted by the other realms.

More harmful. More terrifying. Moreover, the woods are full of terrifying creatures, and the choices you have made earlier in your investigations are bound to come back to haunt you. What evils have you left in the world? What evils have you held close? What evils have you actually managed to destroy? Given that the accumulation of doom progresses the agenda deck and the forces of the mythos, the ability to remove doom from your cards is not to be overlooked. And if just one action could buy you and your team another whole turn?

The trick, though, is that there are relatively few player cards—at this time—that collect the sort of doom that Moonlight Ritual allows you to remove. In fact, there are currently only three, and all of them are in the Mystic class. Until then, though, we see storms of wild magic raging and swirling around the top of Sentinel Hill. Our doom is coming to us. We can either profit from it… or be driven insane. The air is unnaturally cold, and the winds howl with magic. Who could have predicted all the events that led you here?

With every step you take, Arkham feels more and more worlds away. You struggle to hold your sanity as you witness multiple realities converging and ripping apart. And still you know you must press forward. All your choices are coming to a head. As your world dissolves into pathways of sound and color that extend for an eternity in all directions, the lines between objects grow jagged, shifting. Somehow, you must find your way across this foreboding alien landscape. It is an adventure, a reckoning, and a descent into madness.

The ground before you shifts and disintegrates.

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