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For everyone else Angels might be a career-best movie. Robert Stack is a perfect fit for the tightly-wound Roger Shumann, a man with haunted eyes and a rigid inability to be honest with his beloved enablers crazy show-biz family. Jiggs loves LaVerne and may be the father of her child β€” but he loves Roger more and can somehow live with them both in a screwy broken triangle relationship. The same goes for the ostensible villain, Robert Middleton.

By the time Matt Ord is to collect on his filthy bargain, his lust for LaVerne almost seems benign. Jack is growing up in a bizarre family situation, as so many kids must. Young Chris Olsen performs in the thick of the drama and always fits in. The consistently good Dorothy Malone is a marvel as LaVerne, a woman living in an exceedingly unstable relationship.

LaVerne is both constant and adrift in her love; a character too complicated, too real for Hollywood in On the ground she can barely hold her family together.

π–πšπ­πœπ‘ π“π‘πž π“πšπ«π§π’π¬π‘πžπ π€π§π πžπ₯𝐬 π–πšπ­πœπ‘ 𝐌𝐨𝐯𝐒𝐞𝐬 𝐎𝐧π₯𝐒𝐧𝐞 π…π«πžπž

The Tarnished Angels succeeds where other movies about barnstormers fall short. Taking a break from Thoreau-esqe imagery and pastel colors, Douglas Sirk creates excitement out of raw danger. The stark scenes of the aerial steeplechase are riveting. Poor Jack experiences a similar trauma, stuck on the play-airplane ride while his Dad is imperiled just a few yards away. We feel the same as he does β€” we want to stop this crazy ride and get off.

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The farewell epilogue of Tarnished Angels reminds a bit of Wild River , only with people separating. After all that bloody havoc, characters fly off to a new destiny… in an airplane. I think the reviewers and the public alike rejected The Tarnished Angels because it failed to deliver the expected inspirational Rock Hudson vehicle.

In the year of The Bridge on the River Kwai , perhaps nobody wanted to deal with such depressing, perverse story elements. The trade press reviews instead acted as if the show were a misfire for other reasons. William Schallert has a couple of seconds of memorable screen time in the newspaper scene, while scurvy Robert J. Wilke is a nasty-minded mechanic pestering little Jack. The parade celebration scenes appear to have been filmed for this show, and not taken from stock shots. The cover illustration is direct from our master poster hero Reynold Brown. Brown nails all three here β€” in character.

This is due to the max'ed out bitrate which accentuates the film qualities of the transfer. There is a bit 2.

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  4. This track is somewhat more shallow than Eureka's bit mono uncompressed linear PCM track but the advantage is marginal. Also missing is the isolated music and effects track that appeared on the Masters of Cinema disc. This is a very informative track filled with insight and analysis. She is always worth the time to indulge in a commentary.

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    The only other extra on the Kino Blu-ray is the film's trailer. Aside from a new commentary, this is also a desirable Blu-ray presentation from the The Masters of Cinema, minus many of that disc's features.

    Screen: Faulkner Tale; ' The Tarnished Angels' at the Paramount - The New York Times

    The UK package does get the advantage for serious fans. That said, this is a fine HD presentation of a brilliant Sirk film, especially to those in Region 'A'. Absolutely recommended! It shows a lot more information in the frame on the left and top edges. The DVDs were top notch but the higher resolution exports wonderfully layered contrast the film is littered with shadows and light play which tightens up the detail a few notches.

    There are instances exhibiting depth. Overall it is a shade brighter and I can't imagine the film looking any better in digital.

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    Audio for the Blu-ray is transferred via a linear PCM mono track at kbps. The plane engine sounds are notable. There are optional English subtitles on the region B'-locked Blu-ray disc. Acting with Douglas Sirk is minutes culled from archival interviews with Rock Hudson, Dorothy Malone and Robert Stack as they talk about the two films directed by the legendary Douglas Sirk on which they shared top billing: Written on the Wind and The Tarnished Angels. Also included in this fascinating documentary are interview clips with producer Albert Zugsmith and with Douglas Sirk himself.

    Contemporary film artist Allison Anders adds her own comment in a newly filmed interview.

    Puss n Boots, β€˜Tarnished Angel’ Video [Exclusive Premiere]

    MoC make this an easy decision for Sirk and Rock fans - a powerful film and a beautiful, stacked, Blu-ray package. Thumbs skyward! Gary W. The difference is that the UK disc has only used 4. I believe that this makes the image on the UK disc quite noticeably softer. The UK disc is also much darker. Both are anamorphic transfers. The Tarnished Angels can also be bought separately.


    There are no extras but it does have optional English subtitles. Adrian Martin but I, unfortunately, don't own it to compare. I am very impressed with this Carlotta release in terms of image quality. It's quite stunning. Contrast and grayscale are magnificent. It shares the first disc with only a trailer and the bitrate is sky-high.

    Detail is also very good and as the films has many shadow lit scenes - this high-end rendering to SD-DVD transfer really seems to benefit. It has a couple of drawbacks that I noticed - some chroma - but it didn't overly impinge upon my viewing. The other was that it may be horizontally squeezed a shade. The disc actually both are dual-layered coded for region 2 in the PAL standard.

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