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Our workshop is set in a picturesque woodland location sometimes within earshot of cuckoos! To help ease the process of choosing frames we offer all our customers a free special tea or coffee of the week. Nurse Ratched finds Billy and the prostitute in each other's arms, partially dressed, and admonishes him. Billy asserts himself for the first time, answering Nurse Ratched without stuttering. Ratched calmly threatens to tell Billy's mother what she has seen. Billy has an emotional breakdown, and once left alone in the doctor's office, commits suicide by cutting his throat.

Nurse Ratched blames McMurphy for the loss of Billy's life. Enraged at what she has done to Billy, McMurphy attacks Ratched, attempting to strangle her to death, tearing off her uniform and revealing her breasts to the patients and aides who are watching. McMurphy is physically restrained and moved to the Disturbed ward. Nurse Ratched misses a week of work due to her injuries, during which time many of the patients either transfer to other wards or check out of the hospital forever. When she returns she cannot speak and is thus deprived of her most potent tool to keep the men in line.

With Bromden, Martini, and Scanlon the only patients who attended the boat trip left on the ward, McMurphy is brought back in.

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He has received a lobotomy , and is now in a vegetative state, rendering him silent and motionless. The Chief smothers McMurphy with a pillow during the night in an act of mercy before lifting the tub room control panel that McMurphy could not lift earlier, throwing it through a window and escaping the hospital. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was written in and published in in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement [6] and deep changes to the way psychology and psychiatry were being approached in America. The s began the controversial movement towards deinstitutionalization , [7] [8] an act that would have affected the characters in Kesey's novel.

The novel is a direct product of Kesey's time working the graveyard shift as an orderly at a mental health facility in Menlo Park, California. He advocated for drug use as a path to individual freedom, [11] an attitude that was reflected in the views of psychological researchers of the time.

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Each individual's experiences were said to vary; emotions and experiences ranged from transformations into other life forms, religious experiences, and extreme empathy. The novel constantly refers to different authorities that control individuals through subtle and coercive methods. The novel's narrator, the Chief, combines these authorities in his mind, calling them "The Combine" in reference to the mechanistic way they manipulate and process individuals.

The authority of The Combine is most often personified in the character of Nurse Ratched who controls the inhabitants of the novel's mental ward through a combination of rewards and subtle shame. This is because the subtlety of her actions prevents her prisoners from understanding they are being controlled at all.

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The Chief also sees the Combine in the damming of the wild Columbia River at Celilo Falls , where his Native American ancestors hunted, and in the broader conformity of post-war American consumer society. The novel's critique of the mental ward as an instrument of oppression comparable to the prison mirrored many of the claims that French intellectual Michel Foucault was making at the same time. Similarly, Foucault argued that invisible forms of discipline oppressed individuals on a broad societal scale, encouraging them to censor aspects of themselves and their actions.


The novel also criticizes the emasculation of men in society, particularly in the character of Billy Bibbit, the stuttering Acute patient who is domineered by both Nurse Ratched and his mother. When Randle Patrick McMurphy gets transferred to a mental institution, he encounters Nurse Ratched who runs the psychiatric ward with an iron fist, keeping her patients cowed through abuse, medication, and sessions of electroconvulsive therapy.

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The battle of wills between the rebellious McMurphy and the authoritarian Ratched soon escalates, leaving no one in the ward left unscathed. Shannon McGraw, Nightmarish Conjurings.

Chronic Patients will be stationary throughout the performance and will enjoy the show from a more traditional theatrical vantage point. Noah Nelson, No Proscenium. This is Los Angeles theater at its most innovative and exciting.