The Making of Modern Liberalism

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This is essential reading for anyone interested in political theory or the history of liberalism. Many of our ebooks are available through library electronic resources including these platforms:. Home The Making of Modern Liberalism. Add to Cart. More about this book. One of Choice's Outstanding Academic Titles for Introduction [PDF].

It will appeal to specialists on particular thinkers and topics or to those interested in the trajectory of the liberal tradition inaugurated by Hobbes and Locke.

The Making of Modern Liberalism

The reader will find not only discussion of the manifold contributions of the great philosophers biographical details where appropriate and available but also insights into the deeper essence of liberalism as it developed through the centuries. Reference to the changing historical context allows liberalism not only to be confronted with other philosophies, from communitarianism to guild socialism, but also to be seen in the broader context of the times that produced it.

It is a formidable body of work, testament both to its inquisitive author and the scholarly institutions that have supported long and productive years of scholarship. It is the contribution of someone who takes liberalism to heart--opening his own work for careful scrutiny, and inviting the debate to continue. His seemingly effortless conversational style places the leading figures of liberal political thought in intricate patterns of dialogue.

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Ryan avoids the twin conceits of both hyper-historicism and hyper-textualism by deftly weaving biography, formal philosophy, economics, and political theory into compelling justifications for personal and political freedom. Specialists will marvel at the ease with which close reading and current scholarship pervade his analyses.

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Generalists will appreciate how accessibly Ryan's intricately structured arguments unfold. Those who read for sheer intellectual joy will especially like the chapters on culture and anxiety, the liberal community, and liberal imperialism, and will enjoy the subtle humor of the essay on Bertrand Russell's politics. The collection itself becomes an intellectual autobiography that keeps alive and advances the mind and the project of modern liberalism. Table of Contents. Cover Download Save. Contents pp.

Acknowledgments pp. Introduction pp. Liberalism pp.

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Freedom pp. Culture and Anxiety pp. The Liberal Community pp. Liberal Imperialism pp. State and Private, Red and White pp.

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Hobbes and Individualism pp. Hobbes, Toleration, and the Inner Life pp. Locke on Freedom: Some Second Thoughts pp. Mill in a Liberal Landscape pp.

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Utilitarianism and Bureaucracy: The Views of J. Mill pp.

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  • The Making of Modern Liberalism.
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Mill and Rousseau: Utility and Rights pp. Popper and Liberalism pp. Alexis de Tocqueville pp. Staunchly Modern, Nonbourgeois Liberalism pp. Deweyan Pragmatism and American Education pp. John Rawls pp. admin