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How Urticaria (Hives) Is Treated

Diagnosis Cold urticaria can be diagnosed by placing an ice cube on the skin for five minutes. Request an Appointment at Mayo Clinic. Share on: Facebook Twitter. References Wolff K, et al. Urticaria and angioedema. New York, N. Mauer M. Cold urticaria.

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Accessed Oct. Physical urticarias. Rochester, Minn. Lang DM, et al. Contemporary approaches to the diagnosis and management of physical urticaria. Ombrello MJ, et al. Cold urticaria, immunodeficiency, and autoimmunity related to PLCG2 deletions. New England Journal of Medicine. Isik S, et al. Idiopathic cold urticaria and anaphylaxis.

Pediatric Emergency Care. Abajian M, et al. Step 2. Cut out alcohol entirely for one month to let your DAO levels recover. B If you do drink, try to stick to spirits and mixers which have lower histamine content than beers, wines, and champagnes. Ensure you eat before drinking. I appreciate it is not easy to change drinking habits, however think of this as a temporary tactic, you can always consider reintroducing your old drink of choice when you can cope.

As always learn to listen to your body. So we have established that histamine is produced in the gut and levels can rise too high due to lack of DAO. But there is another factor pushing histamine levels up which is the consumption of foods that cause increased permeability of the intestinal tract.

Zonulin is an inflammatory protein discovered only in and is known to modulate intestinal tract permeability. Now excessive permeability is a cascading disaster. It opens the floodgates to ingested histamine, histamine produced in the gut, pathogens, and undigested food particles. Pathogens and undigested food particles in turn trigger further histamine release from mast cells.

Therefore we must keep Zonulin in check. Action to take is to reduce consumption of Gliadins which are glycoproteins present in gluten containing foods. Glaidin activates zonulin production in all people irrespective of their genetics. Step 3. Eliminate all gluten found in the cereals wheat, rye, and barley. Make rice your staple carbohydrate and vary it with potato based dishes. Vitamin D is referred to as the sunshine vitamin because it is produced by our skin in response to sunlight in the UVB spectrum.

Let that statistic sink in. A modern lifestyle typically means living, working, and socialising indoors. We are increasingly migrating to cities where we commute underground.


Now consider the war on sun exposure from people worried about cosmetic ageing effects. The result is we get a fraction of the direct sun exposure we need to produce vitamin D. The relationship between migraines, hives, and vitamin D is that decreased serum levels have been shown to have a significant association with dysregulated immune function. Mast cells express the vitamin D receptor VDR and produce metabolites that supress pro-inflammatory and vasodilatory mediator production.

Researchers have also found that topically applied vitamin D3 significantly reduces the magnitude of passive cutaneous anaphylaxis a hives outbreak. Advice on dietary changes is misleading. The Vitamin D Council have said getting the right amount of Vitamin D does not depend on your diet because these quantities are inadequate to meet healthy serum levels. The ideal solution is to increase your daily sun exposure, any increase is good, however this is not a possibility for many millions of us that do not have the opportunity to work under the sun.

The answer is to supplement in the D3 form cholecalciferol at the optimum strength of ui, and in dry tablet form.

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Vitamins work synergistically with other vitamins and minerals, these are cofactors. Magnesium is the only cofactor of D3 that requires routine supplementation. Mg is an essential mineral vital for many physiological pathways and is a cofactor of hundreds of enzymes. The problem is absorption requires high intake levels that are absent on a standard diet. Furthermore Mg is depleted easily in your body from carrying excess fat, sweating from exercise, and consuming alcohol, caffeine and salt. Magnesium is the second most abundant mineral inside our cells and the second most common deficiency after Vitamin D.

Aside from being a vitamin D cofactor, magnesium deficiency is known to trigger mast cell proliferation. More concerning still is that mast cells developed during magnesium depletion are defective in storing and secreting histamine. Magnesium deficiency alone could be the root cause of migraines and hives. Elemental magnesium must be bonded as a salt of which there are a range available.

Step 4. Supplement with ui of vitamin D3 and mg Magnesium. Recommended Vitamin D3. Recommended Magnesium Citrate. The take home point is that there is always a trade-off between the dangers of physical, biological contaminants, and disinfectant by products. You are never getting pure water directly from the tap. Now it is a difficult regulatory balancing act to decide on maximum contamination levels and indeed regulations are adapted from time to time and differ from country to country.

Although the EU has standardised maximum contamination levels, different disinfectant methods are practised in different territories. For example France uses mainly ozone, whereas Italy and Germany use an ozone or chlorine dioxide process. The UK and parts of Spain use chloramines for residual disinfection in their distribution network, whereas this process is prohibited in France. Generally in central Europe Berlin, Amsterdam, Zurich, and Vienna there is no distribution-system residual.

This may well be a root causal factor for the common phenomena of drastic health changes after relocation. If you have experienced this please write in. We must appreciate that it is a marvel of modern engineering that we have water out of the tap that is even remotely drinkable. What is considered safe and technically achievable at a given cost by regulators is relative.

Urticaria - not always an ALLERGY

The reality is that contaminants cause premature ageing and sensitivities that impact over the course of decades. Drinking pure water is the first place to start with any health improvement strategy.

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Some people believe that pure water is not ideal because it is too pure, the theory being that drinking pure water will leech minerals like calcium from your body. This makes no sense because unless you are fasting for days on end or are trekking through Death Valley and sweating out all your electrolytes then you are getting all your mineral nutrition from food.

What you should be getting from water is pure H2O as far as practically possible. So what does a good water strategy look like?

Hives Treatment: 9 Natural Remedies for Soothing Relief - Dr. Axe

The answer depends on your long-term living plans. Step 5. Choosing the right water purification system. Some foods are notorious for containing high levels of histamine. At this point you can consider reintroducing some of the foods you enjoy in moderation, so we are not advocating an impossibly strict diet. It is not the food per se, but rather bacteria that in the food that produce histamine. Therefore aged or fermented foods will be targeted in the initial phase of our strategy.

Citrus fruits are complicated with respect to histamine. They are an example of foods that are known to release endogenous histamine, that is they liberate histamine from your mast cells. In fact, I experienced a full blown outbreak after drinking a glass of orange juice. We know there is an association between citrus fruit and histamine release but it is unclear exactly how this happens.

The general rule here is to avoid citrus fruits and supplement with a dose of vitamin C not greater than mg twice a day. If you are experiencing a migraine or hives attack do not eat any citrus fruit. Wait until your DAO has processed the histamine and you are relatively symptom-free before ingesting small amounts of citrus. The effect of caffeine on histamine release has been investigated in rats, the findings were that caffeine has the capacity of blocking the release of both histamine and DAO.

Therefore the result of drinking caffeine will depend on how much DAO and histamine your body is producing. Assess how your body reacts, but as a general rule most people drinking up to 4 cups of tea or coffee a day will get all the upsides without any downside. I have seen many publications recommending supplementing with a green tea polyphenol called Epigallocatechin gallate EGCG due to its ability to inhibit histidine decarboxylase HDC.

The rationale is that HDC is responsible for catalyzing histamine from histidine, and therefore taking EGCG will result in lower histamine. This is very unfortunate advice. EGCG is a highly-concentrated extract that places a heavy strain on your liver, and liver toxicity is a known problem.

The best way to benefit from tea is to drink tea, in moderation, preferably in the green or white variety. You may be wondering why antihistamines and DAO diamine oxidase supplements are not included in this protocol. The reason is that neither of these treats the root cause of histaminosis. Antihistamines for example do not reduce histamine at all, rather it blocks the effect of histamine.

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DAO is a new and far superior product, yet it does not help you produce DAO naturally which is what should happen in a healthy state. Now with that said, there is a good argument for using DAO supplementation for emergency relief. As it will take a matter of months to recover using the long-term metabolic and psychosomatic protocols, it makes sense to use DAO pills strategically so that you gain a sense of normality in the meantime. If antihistamines provide you temporary relief then take them with caution.

Read part 2, the psychosomatic protocol. Read part 3, an addendum on emergency relief. If you have been following this protocol then I would be interested in hearing your results in the comments below. Newman, Lawrence C. Vitamin D3 and Chronic Hives. Rasool R.

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