When the Spirit Moves: A Guide for Ministers in Transition

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Holy Spirit I pray for an impartation of discernment and wisdom over every person reading this in Jesus name. That they would be able to see what is unseen and be able to make strong and secure decisions this month in Jesus name. In family, financially, and in destiny. Lord reveal what has been kept hidden in Jesus name! This month get ready for an influx of dreams and visions that will release needed insight, strategies, and warning for your season as well as stir up fresh intimacy.

Dreams and visions to me are the language of the age we are in. A few weeks ago the Holy Spirit spoke to me in the night and said that He was raising up dreamers that would unlock hidden pathways and bring great breakthrough to the body of Christ. Only days later I was a guest on the Benny Hinn broadcast when Pastor Benny turns to me and prophesies the same thing then asks me to release it over the people. So I feel that Holy Spirit wants to release and impart to the gift and ability to have dream and see visions as well as interpret them.

Then take this as your deliverance from every hindrance to your right to dream as well. Holy Spirit I release and impart upon every reader the ability and unction to be able to have dream and visions. Purify the eye gate lord, cast down lofty imaginations that have been clogging up vision, and may every person reading this be able to dream and see visions how you created for them to in Jesus name! I rebuke tormenting spirits that have been robbing them of sleep and dreams and I prophesy that tonight they begin in Jesus name!

If you have been reading this and you have identified with this word I want you to do this prophetic act with me as we pray. My vision and future is your vision and future, and I receive today the gift of spiritual sight to guide me wherever you take me. Let me see the morning at midnight, the feast when I feel surrounded by famine, and the promised land in wilderness in Jesus name!

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Awesome timely word!!! This is but a confirmation of what God has been doing in both my life and my sis in Christ. I pray God blesses you and yours abundantly for being the blessings that you are. Norman Stassen. I have been relentlessly praying for more of His presence, a clear vision, and more encounters.

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I feel there is something blocking or stalling the birth of what God wants to do, but when I pray, I cant hear what Hes saying about it.. Wow, thanks for sharing Elissa. We believe that you shall bring forth your promise in Jesus name. This spoke right into the time and season that I am in right now.

Thank you for allowing God work through you! God bless you, your family and your ministry.

Pastor David Lynn: How the Spirit moves!

Praying for clarity of the path He wants me to be on. We pray Ephesians for you Christie that our Father will continue to reveal Himself and His amazing plan for you in Jesus name. Sending blessings your way! A traditional established congregation is seeking an energetic, action oriented pastor to drive forward our recent initiatives in following Jesus in ways that are relevant to the community by expanding our ministries to discern and address the needs of the children of God inside and outside the walls.

View Hampstead's Brochure. View Hampstead's Local Church Profile. Dawn Berry dcbnh comcast. Our walk with God has not been easy and we seek someone with a compass with whom we can forge a new path and a new direction together.

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We promise to carry our share of the load and walk alongside our minister, not behind. We have faith that somewhere out there is a person who will want to be part of this this quirky bunch of Christians, ranging in age from less than a year to nearly a century, with diverse views and a few scars from previous scuffles, but hearts filled with the love of the Lord and a desire to do his work right here in our community and beyond.

View Haverhill's Local Church Profile. Michael Carrier, searchandcallconsultant gmail. We need a Bridge Interim to guide us as we prepare to transition, with a search committee and God's guidance, from our former pastor to the search for our next pastor. View Request for Bridge Interim Leadership. Richard Slater: rslater nhcucc. We may look like a beautiful, classic New England Church. Although incorporated in , the times and opinions have long since changed.

Martin Copenhaver, President of Andover Newton Theological School, thought small churches in New England were dying until he spent a day with members of our church.

We seek a strong pastor with the confidence, spiritual development and sense of community ties for which our church is known. If you are caring, flexible, experienced and faithful, we would love to talk to you. Our doors are wide open and our enthusiasm is over flowing. View Hebron's Local Church Profile.

Slater rslater nhcucc. Nestled in a former agricultural village turned bedroom town, Madbury UCC continues to turn hearts to God, to follow Jesus, and to be guided by the Holy Spirit. Because we are a small band, we work side by side, active in service, patient and caring with each other and our pastor, searching to find modern ways to raise funds and share our good news. We are Open and Affirming. We also provide hands on post detention support to immigrants.

A warm welcome is offered to all and we seek to reach out to those in need.

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