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These are the key elements pupils should be covering in their responses:. These resources were designed to accompany the feature on How to teach creative writing for English language GCSE What's the most important core subject? Are schools setting us up for life? What do Organised gangs are targeting young people to move drugs through rural areas, often with devastating The launch of a new website is offering teachers expert-made resources at affordable prices Share tweet pin.

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All the way Despite timetable constraints and pressure for schools, I strongly advise reading any GCSE text cover to cover with students. Plan, plan and plan! Is there a theme explored through a particular character? How do we feel as a reader towards them?

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How are they treated by other characters? And finally, do they change — do they learn anything across the story? Themes Learners must understand the themes explored in a text and how they are linked to the characters and storyline, as well as contextual information at the time of writing. Language This should be the easiest, the words on the page, but often students move swiftly past words or phrases, focusing on quotes that lead to poor analysis.

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When I read the extract I begin to underline words or phrases that jump out at me. Once I see a pattern, repetition, synonym or even antonym of a previously underlined word I circle it. Techniques Sometimes we get students to analyse language but for them the technique is an afterthought. Why did an author pick a metaphor or oxymoron at that point, how is that technique effective and, for example, how does the comparison add to overall meaning? They need to consider paragraphs, sentence types, punctuation, word order, clause order and how the extract begins and ends.

Narrator Here, students need to look for shifts in tone, subtle choices made by the author that carry as much impact as the words. Who is speaking and why? How does this add to overall meaning?

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Setting Where is the extract or that section set, why is that important? How does it add to the atmosphere? Does it change the way characters think or feel? Describe and evaluate one study of the development of aggressive behaviour. Include in your answer the method used, the results obtained and the conclusion drawn. Evaluate the study of the development of aggressive behaviour that you have described. Students are expected to take about seven minutes to answer this question.

People working behind the scenes in media production need to be creative. Give an example of a media production role and explain two different ways this role needs creativity. This question is worth four marks, suggesting that pupils spend about six minutes answering it. For a hot desert environment or cold environment you have studied, to what extent does that environment provide both opportunities and challenges for development? To what extent do you think Athenians believed democracy was at the centre of their society? Is it ethical for developing countries, such as China, to aim for rapid economic growth?

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Candidates are expected to spend about 15 minutes answering it. This question is worth eight marks, and candidates are expected to spend about eight-and-a-half minutes answering it.

Discuss how far sociologists would agree that parental influence is the most important factor in explaining levels of crime among young people in society today. Think you are better with numbers than words? Why not try our GCSE maths questions quiz instead?

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Question 1: History Which of the following was the more important reason why white Americans travelled across the Great Plains in the s and s: religion or economic opportunity? Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics GCSEs. Exams Secondary schools Schools Children quizzes.