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What is it about the "journey" we experience in life that inspires you to celebrate it through your songs in this album? Ellis: Exploration is how we learn. From the moment we are crawling on the floor in a bedroom looking at all the nooks and crannies a room has to offer. Exploration leads to the discovery of cool things and interesting places, but mostly, by exploring, we discover something about ourselves and our relationship to our world.

I think you've down a lovely service to young girls by crafting a song of fantasy underscored with social commentary.

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Can you share how you developed this story and how you hope your own daughters may be influenced by its underlying message? Ellis I wrote the song with Antje Duvekot, who brought the genesis of the idea to me. We were looking for a female heroine for the album, and the story unfolded and gave me a beautiful one. I want each of my girls to be an Abiola, to question authority, to come to their own conclusions, and then to act and participate in positive change.

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SW: My favorite song is the title track, "Dragonfly Races. Fall down twice, get up twice. Fall down three times, get up thrice. How do you feel you are setting an example for your daughters with choices you make when faced with either professional or personal challenges?

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Ellis: Again, the message in Dragonfly Races was to be involved, to participate. I want my girls to feel like they have a voice, and a choice to use it for themselves and for others. But I didn't want to write a sing songy anthem. I like allegories— they give morals through story telling. SW: This CD packet comes with a self-illustrated 24 page picture book of whimsical illustrations that adds to the expression of each song.

I love your cover illustration with Dusty the Dragonfly wearing an old-fashioned pilots hat and goggles, something I wouldn't have ever imagined by just listening to the song. And the illustration for "Abiola" shows a monster that was much different from what I had imagined.

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How do you see your illustrations bring you a new depth of expression when coupled with your music and do you have plans for any future illustration projects? Ellis: I hope to. Thirteen Turns lyrics buy track 8. The Waters and the Wild lyrics buy track 9. Row On lyrics buy track Gather It In lyrics buy track Produced at The Green Room, Devon by in-demand Mark Tucker, it again mixes original songs sometimes tapping into the rich seam of history from their home county with innovative arrangements of folk standards, dalliances with poetry and even continuing narratives whose opening chapters can be found on the previous release.

There are dark songs, poignant songs, soothing songs, uplifting songs all wrapped in lush, sensitive arrangements and flawless musicianship. Ninebarrow are experts at aurally painting vivid canvases and conjuring up atmospheric dreamscapes and haunting melodies. To listen to a Ninebarrow CD is a little like walking through the famous C. Lewis wardrobe and entering a world by turns sylvan, seasonal, disquieting, nostalgic, but always fascinating.

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Contact Ninebarrow. Streaming and Download help. If you like Ninebarrow, you may also like:. Sword by Angharad Drake. Argonauta by Aisha Burns.

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Bandcamp Album of the Day May 24, Eurus by The Oh Hellos. The Oh Hellos return with their glorious Southern Texas twang-tinged rock. Oh You by Aaron Calvert. Sydney's folk noir duo expand their sound into haunting compositions that are somewhere between beautiful and melancholy. Explore music. Sylvia S. Researchers claim it is impossible for a village to maintain its original flavor after its society has been opened up to the outside world. But how to preserve the diversified folk singing tradition among the different ethnic minority groups will remain a major challenge for both researchers and local people.

The organizers of the annual folk festival have adopted their own methods to tackle the problem. Pop stars appeared on stage, giving the old songs a modern twist, a practice that has made these pop-folk songs quite popular on the streets and campuses. But critics have frowned on the practice.

They point out the pop stars' interpretations are not folk songs at all. He noted those new ingredients that have been mixed with folk melodies spoil the original folk songs. A few other critics point out the danger lies in the fact that a number of well-established folk singers have given up their own distinctive voices for a more refined but rather homogeneous style of singing. The songs they sing are no longer related to the lives and concerns of the common people.

Jin Tielin, president of China Conservatory of Music, said: "Many composers are divorced from the masses and their works are prosaic, duplicate and fail to reflect people's lives. They may want to sing both old songs and new songs, which reflect contemporary social reality. But how to satisfy them?

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Many critics said artists writing folk music should throw out old ideas and create something that has both a traditional flavor and meets the tastes of present-day audiences. It is easy to say but difficult to do. Some critics claim any kind of art form goes through a process of birth, development and decline. So the question remains whether the beautiful melodies of folk songs will die or become stage programs to attract tourists and investors at an international festival. China Daily November 26, Artistic Performance for the Zhuangs. Folk Songs Glorify Guangxi.

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