The Lesser of Two Evils

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The Lesser of Two Evils

What's more, they chose the candidate with the most pro-freedom, pro-Constitution, pro-Bill of Rights program. That sends a clear message. My conclusion: Voting for the lesser of two evils is statistically and strategically wasting my vote. I will vote Libertarian for president this year. This rationale does not necessarily apply to how I will vote in the down ballot races, where my vote has a greater numerical impact, I have a greater ability to directly communicate my views, and I might have less marked dissatisfaction with many of the candidates.

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I offer my line of reasoning as a guide to others who might be agonizing over their decision this year. Justin Amash. Matt Welch 7. The case highlights the dangers of using SWAT teams for anything and everything. Christian Britschgi 7.

PsyArXiv Preprints | The lesser of two evils: Explaining a bad choice by revealing the choice set

We're getting a military parade because Donald Trump wants one. The arguments for leaving our tanks at their bases are far more numerous, significant, and powerful. Eric Boehm 7. Zero Tolerance.

The principal calls it "very, very serious" wrongdoing. Lenore Skenazy 7. If so, why, and what is the effect on the audience? Previous studies could not examine this desire to be understood because the research designs used did not isolate the decision to reveal information from the original choice.

Thus, we find that people are intrinsically i. And though some people leave a misunderstanding in place when it is self-enhancing to do so, almost no one is willing to create a misunderstanding by hiding the other option , even when it could conceal selfish behavior. For journal preprint policies, see SHeRPa. Thank you for your patience. The lesser of two evils: Explaining a bad choice by revealing the choice set Authors.

The lesser of two evils

Created on. Last edited. This is a very compelling idea. Williams seems right that we are not always obligated to violate our own principles or commitments in order to promote the greater good. But surely this idea has limits. Indeed, even Williams admitted that you may sometimes be required to violate your principles for the greater good. If, however, either the moral costs of turning down the food were much higher — for instance, if I were a peace ambassador to a foreign government host with thin skin and a finger on the nuclear launch button — or I was only toying with the idea of veganism, then my preferences would not play the same justificatory role.

On the first point: If a Trump presidency would be as bad as predicted by claim 1, then failing to vote for the candidate who can stop him is contributing to what will likely be a massive, moral harm.

It’s actually the lesser of two disappointing choices.

Those who are wrestling with whether to vote for Clinton out of fear of Trump are tapping into something real, then. They are distressed that a threat of bad consequences can undermine their freedom to choose as they please. But it is self indulgent, I would argue, to claim their integrity is on the line. If you believe Trump is a moral disaster, then you may well be obligated to vote for Clinton — even if that means getting your hands a little dirty.

I've voted for Republicans for president before. No more.

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