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We'll bring you a UK air date as soon as it arrives, as we can't wait for this one, personally. Big Sheridan fans here at Den Of Geek! View the discussion thread. Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. Here's the new trailer Apr 30, Here's the brand new trailer Kevin Costner. Marco Polo and Mei Lin are traveling through the jungle with the boy emperor in their care. Back in the new capital of Cambulac, Kublai is taking advice from his wife. She says that he needs to accept the challenge to his throne because Kaidu is operating within the law and any other approach would suggest weakness or deceit.

Yellowstone Romance Books (Yellowstone) by Peggy L Henderson

Then, Marco and Mei Lin return with the boy emperor. The return sparks all kinds of intriguing relationships and power struggles. Head here for more details. The rest of the episode is filled with small subplots that could have implications later. The Blue Princess has a miscarriage, but Jingim is forgiving and understanding.

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The whole episode revolves around a single decision though: Will Kublai kill the boy emperor? As the boy emperor hangs from the capital, and the Handmaiden takes the sight in, Kublai awakes from another nightmare, his wife still lambasting him for his decision to kill a child.

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Meanwhile, the Blue Princess is having one hell of a time. That pressure leads to a truly sadistic moment from the Empress. During the night, she holds the Blue Princess down and forces a stable boy to have sex with her since Jingim has yet to impregnate her. While this is happening Jingim goes to Karakorum to help persuade people to side with his father. Furthermore, Kaidu makes a bold decision and insists that his daughter Khutulun, rather than his son, will be the next heir. This episode is all about the hike though.

Marco and Kublai discuss death, responsibility, and fate, and come face-to-face with a wolf several times.


Kublai and Marco stare the wolf down and eventually shoot it when things get dangerous. Kublai sees it as a sign. The discussion is rather simple. Meanwhile, the hunt is on for Jingim and Ahmad.

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Kaidu is pissed at his son because of his actions, which have brought Kublai to his doorstep. Along the way, Kaidu and Kublai connect with memories of their childhood but also remain divided on the prospects of the Mongol empire. Things get particularly heated when the insults start flying and Kaidu pulls his sword on Kublai. Ultimately, nothing comes of the moment, as Jingim and Ahmad are found, but certainly the challenge to the throne will not go so smoothly. The other dangling plot thread is that of the Blue Princess and her potential pregnancy. Here she finds out that the stable boy who impregnated her has been killed, and when she goes to see the body for herself she stumbles upon his wife and spends the day with her and her baby.

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Alas, after some bonding with Ahmad, who almost reveals his plans to overthrow the Khan in his delirium, he is found, and she returns to greet him with the good news of her own pregnancy. Five rebels execute five different attacks and kill Mongolians, as Ahmad informs the Khan. That whole situation is about to get even more complicated because the real Princess Kokachin shows up, apparently not dead like we all believed, and wants her life back.

At the same time, Marco continues to grow suspicious of Ahmad, especially as he decides to send nearly 60, troops to battle the uprising and only 7, with Kublai to Xanadu. Before long though he becomes jaded; a prostitute he shares a bed with, and ends up killing when she hums the same song his mother did when he was a child, signals his turn as he returns to Kublai and takes a position as his finance minister and begins to take control of his future.

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  • The future for everyone is clearly about to get chaotic. First, as the episode opens, we see Kaidu and his mother secretly finding their way to Cambulac.

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    They arrive in the middle of the night shrouded in hoods. The purpose of their meeting in the capital is to discuss the overthrow of the Khan with Ahmad. Meanwhile, Kublai is in Xanadu petitioning for votes, bringing a vision of empirical expansion, complete with cool fireworks, to the people there. There are harbingers of death all around though. Horses that were gifted to Kublai are attacked, found with their eyes carved out. You see, the fake Blue Princess believes it was the real Blue Princess who attacked the horses, sending a message to Kublai and, more importantly the impostor Blue Princess, that she wanted her life back.

    The real Blue Princess seems to be a figment of her imagination, perhaps brought on by her guilt over her child and the dead stableboy. The first is delivered in flashback. We see that Hundred Eyes and the Handmaiden, who he refers to as Lotus, were once friends and lovers, until the Mongolians attacked them, Hundred Eyes believing he watched Lotus die at the hands of an archer. That bit of backstory makes their reunion here that much sweeter, and their separation at the end of the episode all the more heartbreaking.