Buffalo Wolves (Holt County Short Story)

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Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, Hoffman, Michael P. Hopkins, T. Marbles and Other Limestones.

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Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska - Holt Co. - Part 2

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Neill, Robert. O'Connor, Richard.

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Land Tenure and Land Taxation in America. New York: Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, Scholtz, James A. Scholtz, Sandra C. Schoolcraft, Henry R. Siemsen of Atkinson. He is survived by his wife, and two children, Lewis Arthur, aged 6 years, and Robert Charles, age 8 months. Three brothers Howard, Chester and Lyle, of Culbertson. He was preceded in death by two sisters, one brother, Pearl, Lester, Augusta.

Wright was well known in and around Atkinson and had many friends who held him in high esteem and who sympathize with his family and other relatives in their sad hour. Pettis Wright Rosetthir S. Pettis was born at Sermeria, New York, June 7,, and died in Atkinson, May 8,, at the age of 63 years, 11 months 22 days. When 11 years old she moved with her parents to Columbus, Wisconsin. There also on May 8, she was married to Byron W. To this union was born seven children, Edward J. Her husband also died in In she was united in wedlock again, to John F.

Wright, who with the two living daughters, are left to mourn the loss of a faithful wife and loving mother. She lived at Deadwood, South Dakota during the past 18 years, but removed to Atkinson in hopes of regaining her health on May 11, But her broken health continued, until at last she was gone. She was a member of the Methodist Church, and lived a faithful life, and in death doubtless entered upon that well earned rest which the Creator has reserved for all who love him. Lucretia Woods Son of Seth Woods - he died Woods, aged 27 years and 6 months. He had suffered for 9 long, weary weeks with bilious renitent fever, but was not considered dangerously ill until a few days before the end when he was taken suddenly worse and sank rapidly.

He remained conscious to the last. His death has cast a gloom over the entire community, as he was beloved by all and numbered among his friends all who knew him. Senteney on April 10, at O'Neill. Porter, Vina and Mrs. Coe Butler, all of Ewing. Donated her body to the University of Texas Medical School. Wilson Services Held for Mrs.

Nebraska Timeline

The funeral took place at Methodist Church the same day, Rev. Bosswell officiating. A large number of friends of the deceased and her parents were in attendance at the funeral to pay the last sad tribute to the memory of the dead. Williamson of Atkinson was removed from the military burying ground at Ft. The body was met here by the relatives and the company of Home Guards in uniform. Services were held at the grave and the bells of the city tolled a requiem for the dead soldier boy. Private Williamson died at Ft. Robinson May 31, of spinal meningitis.

His name appears in our record as the first Holt County soldier in the present war to die in the service of his country. Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery. Archibald Walrath, after a lingering illness of several months. We desire to join the many fiends of the family in extending sympathy to them in their hour of bereavement. For particulars see obit.

Her age was 53 years and 24 days. She was the mother of four children but only one is living at the present time. About 15 years ago, Mr. Walrath moved west for his wife's health and finally located in Atkinson where he has resided ever since. Her last sickness was long and painful. No one really knows what she suffered. Talley, who preached from the testament: "I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness".

She was prepared to go. Walrath Succumbs to Long Illness. Walrath, one of this community's lifelong residents, passed away at his home on the east edge of town Wednesday morning. Walrath had been in failing health for more than a year, heart trouble making him practically an invalid for most of the time since he was stricken.

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