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Em , funda o grupo rock GNR. During the period from — over a hundred fanzine titles began to be published. Altogether over fanzine issues were published by the fanzinisters who were inspired by punk. The exhibition consists of circa 20 blow-up posters from the fanzine pages. The beginning and spread of the phenomenon happened simultaneously with the spread of punk and the do it yourself -ethos. Technologically the rise of photocopying and office-sized off-set printers added fuel to the fire. The fanzines were mostly made by male fanzinisters.

Less than ten titles were made by a female lead. Os fanzines punk foram art, and essays about popular culture and estilisticamente inspirados pelas revistas lifestyle. It was not uncommon that the anos de Os fanzines festivals. More common were editions from eram maioritariamente feitos por homens. The punk sobre a cultura popular e estilos de vida. In the entrevista. Durante os anos practicing during the daytime and music de pico do movimento - de -, os events in the evenings.

Tem continuado inspirados pelo punk. To deny this universal element of image construction may be regarded as a means to de- politicise the potential of montage posters to motivate collective action which is the central element to the anarcho-punk DIY ethic. DIY montage posters works around PUNK faced numerous challenges and resistance both internally and externally, that few other types of underground cultural production processes in the late twentieth century had to face in the archiving of its own history.

He co-founder Monad Journal since It is used to denote both alternative and mainstream aspects of the urban culture, to talk about emerging creative boroughs and gentrification processes. In identification dynamics, the word is used to indicate either uniqueness or conformity. So what do these different meanings have in common? Hence my personal journey begins. This is a story of details and juxtapositions. Details, such as elements of fashion and style, specific objects, pieces of design, meaningful behaviours and gestures, bodies: close- ups and reiterations within the slideshow.

Juxtapositions, i. Lorenzo Caglioni is a Sociology Ph. Dancing on the ridge of the pharmacopornographic regime: an ethnography of pleasures in Berlin and Milan club scenes Enrico Petrilli, University of Milan Bicocca, Italy. Material world? Conscious, professional, strategic. Lisa Nikulinsky, Griffith University, Australia. Czech Feminist Zines: Postsocialist and postsubcultural? Dwelling in a strange country, with no friends or intimacy with the local language, Paulo finds himself faced with a deep estrangement that sets him on an inner journey, on sleepless nights, watered by beer, music, elucubrations, academic readings, and ephemeral relationships.

The six movements of this work are analysed throughout in real-time with a custom FFT Fast Fourier Transform geometer that will create visual representations of frequency phases. Further to this both sound texture and musical form are used in juxtaposition, where the audio material is realised from excerpt recordings of opera soprano, building site, tank microphone, broken electronic drum machine and Japanese string instruments. Finally, synth textures are created using multiple sequencing techniques along with convolution reverbs and various delay and echo methods.

KISMIF Bookstore Exhibition Price: Free Description: Tigre de Papel is a bookshop that stands out due to its sales of new and used books, manuals and school material, as well as a set of other articles, such as games, postcards, illustration, posters, etc. It seeks to be a space where that one long searched book, where smaller independent labels can find room and where school manuals are reused and circulated.

We usually note that books are not spent, and that whilst its true that readers search for books, it is also true that books search for their readers — some lasting a lifetime, and some only one sitting, some on the bedside table, others stored away. As any other good, though, books can be sold and purchased, be carried from hand to hand, so that their stories are never fully finished. A book can have the trace of those who wrote in it, the yellow tint of the years, the spirit of an age or the key to understand what is coming, but is not spent by the thousand times its read.

Buying it second hand is the same as reusing it, saving the trees and other resources needed for them - with many surely forgotten books in some attic or drawer, waiting to be awaken. Besides this, Tigre de Papel has a small auditorium where various kinds of events regularly take place — from launchings to discussions about books, activities for children and thematically varied debates, concerts, poetry readings, etc. We seek to be, then, a place of meeting, making books live through the healthy debate of ideas they raise.

Being located in a Lisbon neighbourhood, our choices live off of the local dynamics, as well as contributing to it — that is also its function and its role. Tigre de Papel feat. It is a space of books, papers, fanzines, and an extension of the Conference — where books once again meet their readers, throwing tracks, paths, affections and belongings.

Os que ficam na mesa-de-cabeceira e os que se arrumam, para nunca mais lhes pegar. A Tigre de Papel feat. I want to show women being themselves in an alternative environment, free of stereotypes and prejudice, seen as equals whether on a stage or on a moshpit somewhere. Through my photographs I hope people can feel the strength and the energy, the emotion and depth that all these people that pass before my eyes exude. Through these photographs I hope to inspire other women, other girls to be whatever they want, whoever they want.

I started out going to small concerts of friends that had bands and after a while I began doing photo reports for some online media and attending bigger gigs. In I bought a new and better camera and started photographing in a more serious way, concerts, festivals and dance shows, plays, mainly related to alternative themes or cultures.

Our eyes and our mind are capable to imagine an amount of ideas, colours, images while we are listening to music or watching a concert. All the lights, all the colours, all the silhouettes, everything is just something to add into your experience. This essay is part of that experience. Musicians hiding themselves in coloured lights and big graphic projections and craving their noisy sound in their smoking machines. Between light, colours and shadows, there will be always music.

He created his photographic alter ego as a way to explore and to experiment his visual ideas. Everything started when he decided to take a camera to a concert and, in the middle of the crowd, he started to photograph music. Apart of that, he has also a master degree in design at the University of Aveiro and he photographs for Gerador. Description: The exhibition Gender is Dead, Pink is 4Ever will bring together the most interesting publications about the genre, music and difference acquired by the Library of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto, particularly with regard to cultural and artistic manifestations related to DIY cultures.

Here are international reference periodicals that largely documented this period and which were recently donated to the Library, as well as some phonographic and videographic materials. It is an exhibition that will result in the launch of a book-catalog to be presented during the exhibition. This exhibition aims to contribute to the understanding of the emergence and consolidation of sub post subcultures, concretely what gender means in this context. Despite the presence of women since the beginning of punk and the pretension of gender equality in recent years, what stands out is the existence of a persistent denial of main roles in post punk scenes - emerging a kind of feminine unfeasibility and invisibility.

Keywords: gender, feminism, music, post-feminism, queer theories, social movements, punk, post-punk, DIY cultures. Price: Free. Description: Madonna is the biggest-selling female recording artist in the world and one of our greatest living pop stars. With each pioneering album she has consistently reinvented her music and her image, transcending the world of pop to become a global cultural icon.

In , unbelievably, she is hitting her 60th birthday — yet she still remains as relevant as ever. She follows Madonna from her difficult childhood and those frenetic early years in New York, through the shocks and scandals of the s Sex era to her twenty-first-century incarnation as an outspoken activist. Providing a fascinating insight into her life, relationships and what motivates her as a woman and an artist, Madonna: Like an Icon is the definitive biography of one of the biggest stars in the world.

Em , inacreditavelmente, ela faz 60 anos - mas ainda continua relevante como sempre. Description: Popular music grew out of ragtime, vaudeville, and the blues to become global mass entertainment. Yet nearly eighty years after Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith first blazed a trail, have their successors achieved the recognition and affirmation they deserve? Or has the only way to success been to slot into salable images of the cute babe or sexy chanteuse?

She Bop II, now fully revised and updated, is the classic hands-on history of women in rock, pop, and soul - on stage, on camera and working behind the scenes in a male-dominated industry. But She Bop II refuses to look at women artists simply as personalities, problems, or victims. From Dream Babes to rock chicks, riot grrrls and ragamuffins, She Bop is the uncompromising story of women as creators and innovators.

Since it was first published in , it has garnered worldwide acclaim. This new edition includes an additional chapter and dozens of extra interviews, covering trends such as girl power, Lilith Fair rock, and the rise of the corporate Diva. Desde que foi publicado pela primeira vez em , foi aclamado mundialmente.

Description: In the universe of pop music the electric guitar has long been seen as an object connected to the promotion of masculinity. On the other hand, certain developments of its sonic range and the central place it historically occupied in an aesthetic deeply influenced by sexism, heteronormativity and misogyny also contributed to the phallocentric connotation of the electric guitar. This performance aims to deconstruct the electric guitar as a phallic extension of the musician, while questioning sex and gender binarism, following the notion of contrassexuality proposed by Paul B.

Berlau is a sonorous project by Fernando Ramalho that moves through various musical fields and experimental sounds, from the exploration of the drone to the work with field recordings or to free improvisation, trying to construct a proper language in the electric guitar approach. Fernando Ramalho, guitarist and music producer, was born in Lisbon in Following a musical journey that began in the early s, he is currently developing several projects, in particular Berlau, a project that moves through various experimental music and sound fields, from drone exploration to work with field recordings or to free improvisation, trying to build a language of his own in the approach to electric guitar.

Fernando Ramalho, guitarrista e produtor musical, nasceu em Lisboa em This man who had abandoned her for ten years now comes back claiming his possessions that include her. He kills her suitors and we suppose he destroyed her furniture. In her rage, Penelope evokes the Pomba giras, Brazilian afro-religious entities. Katia Flavia is the narrator, she is based on a real female offender, that married this rich older kingpin.

Should Penelope accept him back or should she cut his head off? Este homem, que a abandonou por dez anos, agora regressa reivindicando as suas posses que a incluem. Com raiva, Penelope evoca as Pomba Giras - entidades afro-religiosas brasileiras. Aqui, essas entidades se tornam em dois personagens: Salome, de Oscar Wilde, e o expoente do rocker e do cyberpunk da literatura brasileira, Katia Flavia, de Fausto Fawcett. Andrew Whelan, University of Wollongong, Australia. New forms of political activism through fake news: how people are doing with this new element at the politic game?

Duration: 70 minutes. Description: Workshop which will create an inclusive, safe, explorative space for participants to make new visual work that contributes to and amplifies a critical conversation about gender, beauty, equity, discrimination, reclamation and celebration, while contributing to a DIY movement through practice that is joyful, connected, community-based and empowered. Description: Since the s, the concept of DIY do-it-yourself culture has evolved from a bluntly resistant statement of independence from dominant forms of capitalist cultural production and dissemination to a more nuanced expression of creative cultural practice.

While such practice remains resistant to more mainstream forms of cultural production and consumption it has at the same time evolved a level of professionalism aimed towards ensuring cultural and, where possible, economic sustainability. In a time where the concept of the cultural industries has become commonplace across many regions of the world and where various attempts are being made to co-opt or suppress forms of cultural production based on their perceived value or threat to the status quo, DIY careers become viable ways in which to mark out and maintain DIY cultural spaces as both ethical and aesthetically meaningful.

The film observes the growth of the Brazilian scene since , travels to its origins in the USA and follows the Brazilian champion, Luz Ribeiro, all the way to the Poetry Slam World Cup in Paris, representing the new feminist and black wave that has been establishing itself through the virulence of the politicized spoken word. Her feature film Solitude and Faith premiered at the Rio Festival and won the audience award at Tiradentes. She co-directed the feature film A New Sunrise on Earth Anonymous individuals in search of their everyday desires. An intimate and committed look at what we are, from sun to sun, behind the walls and roofs of a city.

Writer and director, she lives and works in Recife. She majored in communication at Federal University of Pernambuco, and has a graduate degree in film studies from Catholic University of Pernambuco. She directed the short films The Case of the Girl , Nely , I'll tell my children , among others. She also directed the documentary The Red Table This is her first fiction feature film. Born in in Niteroi, he is a journalist and filmmaker with a degree from UFF. A fictional documentary, or a docufiction, about the life of the actor and director Nelson Baskerville, director of one of the most awarded plays in the last decade in Brazil, the scenil documentary Luis Antonio Gabriela.

While he works at a small building supplies store, she is dedicated to a career as an opera singer. Seemingly, the couple is going about their usual routine, until the space where the transvestite Kika works at gradually affects the lives of the protagonists. He majored in film direction and has a graduate degree in film and audiovisual language. This is his first feature film. He is a filmmaker and artist, director of the documentaries Pierre Fatumbi Verger: Messenger Between 2 Worlds and The Mystery of Samba and the fictional feature O vendedor de passados He has also directed and produced dozens of music videos, TV specials and musical documentaries.

Edging the border of documentary, the film builds an urgent portrait of Brazil today. Xeu and Lidiane are going to have a child. She pressures him to sell his motorcycle and get another job. Filmmaker, writer, theater director and cultural activist, he directed plays and the documentary Carnaval, bexiga, funk e sombrinha He released his debut feature film, O guri, in This was followed by Glauco do Brasil By investigating his life, the recent history of the country, a portrait of the generation that lived extraordinary dreams comes to light.

The documentary describes the life story and works of the writer divided into eight thematic blocks, all chosen and defined according to the most striking events of his trajectory. She has directed ten feature documentaries, including Positivas and Samba Ladies Rodrigo Alzuguir is making his debut as a director.

This first-person-narrated film explores the trajectory of the singer Clara Nunes, who conquered Brazil and several countries across the world. In addition to the audiovisual research, the film shares media reports narrated by the actress Dira Paes, revealing a little bit more about this character who, more than 30 years since her death, still holds a prominent place in Brazilian popular music history. Filmmaker, producer and screenwriter, she has been awarded the Order of Merit of the Brazilian Federal District.

She is also a Honorary Ambassador of Brasilia. He is a producer and director of concerts, organizer of books fairs and exhibitions that portray characters from Brazilian music. He directed the documentary The Wind Outside , a portrait of poet Fernando Pessoa, and wrote and co-produced Palavra En cantada , about the relationship between poetry and music.

He is the director of the Palavras Cruzadas project, which promotes shows based on encounters between musicians, poets and visual artists. The film delves into the construction of this carnival, from the sketches of the first images to the parades on the avenue. The documentary presents the life of the cartoonist and activist Henfil and, through parallel narratives, explores the discovery of the artist by a younger generation through the effort of a group of animators who are trying to bring his work to the present day.

The film also reveals how the artist used his drawings as a device to "dribble" political censorship and as a tool for dealing with his fragile health, in consequence of hemophilia, and for showing his creative restlessness. She majored in history and clinical psychology from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, specializing in contemporary philosophy and clinical neurosciences. She is a director, screenwriter and line producer ahead of Documenta Filmes.

Creator of Cia. The film not only runs through the career of these artists, but also paints a portrait of a generation that rose alongside them and that works with art till this day. Based on recently uncovered facts and supported by testimonies and archive footage, this film tells the story of Luiz de Souza Dantas.

During the World War II, the Brazilian ambassador goes against Getulio Vargas' direct and secret orders that forbade our embassies from granting visas to "Jews and other undesirables". He disregarded these orders, facing Vargas, the French government and Nazism itself, issuing more than a thousand irregular diplomatic visas to Brazil granted to those persecuted by the Nazi regime. He began his career as an assistant director and executive producer on some of the most important Cinema Novo films, such as Ganga Zumba Born in in Porto Alegre.

The story of a man born in and deceased in told by the people who knew him and influenced his career. These stories rebuild, in mosaic form, the decisive moments of his life. The image of this man, the main character of the film, is never shown. Through 39 testimonies from different people, the viewer will get to know him deeply. With a faux documentary structure, the film proposes a game that demands from the audience great interpretation and imagination potential. Despite the distance, they know all they have in the world is each other, and they will, each in their own way, assert themselves in a surprising manner.

His debut was with the feature film Two Sons of Francisco , which had more than 5 million spectators in the Brazilian cinemas. For television, he directed the series 1 Against All. His next feature film will be a Roberto Carlos' biopic. His first feature film was the documentary Laura Before joining a prestigious American university, Gabriel Buchmannmis full of dreams and decides to travel the world for a year. After ten months on the road, he arrives in Kenya determined to discover the African continent.

Until he reaches for the top of Mount Mulanje, his last destination. How could an encounter between two young men who sold t-shirts and cassette tapes in downtown Rio de Janeiro to support themselves give birth to one of the most popular bands in Brazil in the s? The film recounts this transformative moment in the lives of Marcelo - who would soon become known as Marcelo D2 - and Skunk, which culminated in the formation of Planet Hemp.

Oppressed by a discriminatory society, the two used music as warning and resistance cry, conquering the hearts and minds of an entire generation. Johnny Araujo is a film, television, advertising and music video director. From his work, highlights include the films O magnata , Depois de tudo and Chocante He directed Chocante A group of youngsters motocrossing on a remote and unknown trail enters into forbidden territory and are hunted by a group of assassin bikers. Film and television director, he travels between fiction and documentaries.

He was part of the anthology film Rio, I Love You Zama, an officer of the Spanish Crown born in South America, waits for a letter from the King granting him a transfer from the town in which he is stagnating to a better place. His situation is delicate. He must ensure that nothing overshadows his transfer. He is forced to accept submissively every task entrusted to him by successive Governors who come and go as he stays behind. The years go by and the letter from the King never arrives.

When Zama realizes everything is lost, he joins a party of soldiers that go after a dangerous bandit. Born in in Salta, Argentina, she settled down in Buenos Aires. She is one of the most important filmmakers working in contemporary Argentinian cinema. She started by directing short films.

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His debut feature was O homem pode voar The occasion gives way to an incredibly sincere debate on the art of acting, the profession and, above all, the doubts about love and life. He is an actor, playwright, and filmmaker. Gustavo Ribeiro is an editor and director. Rodrigo de Oliveira is a critic and filmmaker graduated at UFF. His first feature film was As horas vulgares , which was followed by Teobaldo morto, Romeu exilado Torquato Neto lived his ruptures passionately. Finally, he ruptured with his own life. He commited suicide on his 28th birthday.

Marcus Fernando is a researcher and music producer. He directed the series Cale-se - A censura musical During a light and warm Carioca carnival, three girlfriends are having fun at a block party. When a man crosses their path and pushes the limits, he makes decisions that have serious consequences. He is currently preparing the feature O clube dos anjos. Born in Sao Paulo, she is a writer and director. The ball ends up trapped in his mouth, preventing the catfish from returning to normal feeding as well as from staying underwater. The central theme of his films is genre and transgender performativity.

He works as a producer, director and screenwriter. When chaos takes over, the life of a ten-year-old boy begins to crumble. When desperation sets in, Captain Brazil finds his place. Born in Sao Paulo. He is currently developing his first feature, The Inheritance. Tailor is a transgender cartoonist who shares on his web page experiences of other trans people and the challenges they face in society. An animated documentary about trans people, made by trans people. He studied social communication at UFRJ. He works with editing and screenwriting.

He edited the Drag-se web series, which has more than 3. He edited Verde violeta and wrote Sonho de Clara This is his first film. He studied filmmaking at the University of California. His feature-length directorial debut was The Passion of Martin He went on to direct films such as Citizen Ruth and Election He won two Oscars for best adapted screenplay, for Sideways and The Descendants With the promise of a better life, everyman Paul Safranek and wife Audrey decide to abandon their stressed lives in Omaha in order to get small and move to a new downsized community — a choice that triggers life-changing adventures.

Selected for the Venice and Toronto film festivals Summer of in northern Italy. Elio Perlman, a 17year-old American-Italian boy, spends his days in his family's seventeenth century villa lazily transcribing music and flirting with his friend Marzia. One day Oliver, a charming, year-old man, arrives to help Elio's father, a professor specializing in Greco-Roman culture.

Amid the sun-drenched Italian summer, Elio and Oliver discover the heady beauty of awakening desires that will change their lives forever. Born in in Palermo, Italy. He is a director, screenwriter and producer. His first feature film as a director was The Protagonists , screened at the Venice Film Festival. Exhausted and fragilized by her memories, she is tormented by anonymous letters accusing her of having thrown her family to the lions. Her path then crosses that of Elle, a charming, intelligent and intuitive young w-oman. Delphine grows fond of Elle, confides in her, opens up.

How far will Elle go after moving into the writer's apartment? Has she come to fill a void or to create one? To give her fresh imptus or to steal her life? From master director Roman Polanski. Cannes Early s. With AIDS having already claimed countless lives for nearly ten years, Act Up-Paris activists multiply actions to fight general indifference. Nathan, a newcomer to the group, has his world shaken up by Sean, a radical militant. A magnificent tribute to a moment of selfless social action, when the gay community rallied together to fight the state, drug companies, and an indifferent public.

He studied film at La Femis, where he met Laurent Cantet, with whom he has collaborated as editor and screenwriter for films such as Time Out , Heading South and The Class , among others. In , he directed his first feature film, They Came Back. He directed iconic films such as The French Connection , Oscar for best picture and director, and The Exorcist , nominated for ten Oscars. The victim of possession is an Italian woman who has been experiencing troubling fits and behavioral changes that psychiatry could not fix.

Official selection at Venice Film Festival Raposo Fox His first film as a director was Kicking and Screaming While waiting for his ex-girlfriend Erin at the finish line, he loses both legs when the blast occurs. After recovering consciousness at the hospital, Jeff helps the police identify one of the criminals, but his own battle is just beginning. The film portrays months of physical and emotional rehabilitation with the unwavering support of Erin and his family.

A deeply personal account and a journey of inner strength to overcome devastating adversities. With Jake Gyllenhaal. Toronto, Doc decides to forgo burial at Arlington Cemetery and, with the help of his old buddies, takes the casket on a bittersweet trip up the East Coast to his home in suburban New Hampshire.

A roadmovie on friendship and the inexorable wounds of war. Born in , in Houston, Texas. They were born in Calofornia. Together the couple directed many music videos in the s and , for artists such as R. Their first feature, Little Miss Sunshine , received four Oscar nominations, including best picture, and won at best original screenplay and supporting actor. In , they directed Ruby Sparks. This is their third feature. King is a current champion and an outspoken feminist in her professional life, but her personal life is a struggle. Her marriage is failing and her closeted sexuality feels like a distraction.

Toronto Every facet of the film baffles, none more so than the uncanny yet magnetic presence of its eccentric creator and star, Tommy Wiseau. The film chronicles the production as recalled by Wiseau's friend and reluctant co-star Greg Sestero. Directed and starred by James Franco. SXSW and Toronto Leather Bar. Born in , in Palo Alto, California. He is an actor, director, screenwriter and producer. Some of his acting credits include the Spider-Man trilogy , , , Milk , hours , for which he received a best actor Oscar nomination, and Spring Breakers She directed Portrait of a Lady , Holy Smoke!

Ariel Kleiman was born in , in Australia. His first feature was Partisan Haunted by a daughter she gave up to adoption at birth, Robin desperately wants to find her, yet dreads revealing the truth of her conception. The second season of the series created by Jane Campion. In the summer of , the US was beset by social unrest with the Vietnam War and a growing number of racial injustice and repression.

During the Detroit rebellion, local police is called to investigate a report of gunshots in the vicinity of the Algiers Motel. Flouting procedural rules, policemen interrogated and tortured a group of African-Americans, in a deathly, intimidating game. By the end of the night, three unarmed men had been gunned down, and several others were brutally beaten.

Based on a shocking true story. She was the first and so far the only woman to win an Oscar for best director, for The Hurt Locker , which won other five trophies, including best picture. In , he directed his first feature, Four Letter Words, and became known in the American independent film scene with Take Out While her mother moves between underpaid work and a chaotic life, Moonee and her friends from the motel next door spend their days exploring abandoned buildings, having ice cream and pranking the motel staff - with special focus on the everpatient Bobby.

When life throws them another curve ball, Moonee's unconditional love for her mother will define her uncertain future. From the same director of Tangerine, with Willem Dafoe. Screened at the Directors' Fortnight at Cannes Paris, Jean-Luc Godard, the most promising filmmaker of his generation, is in the middle of shooting La chinoise, a film starring the woman he loves, Anne Wiazemsky, 20 years younger. The events of May will further expand the filmmaker's process, turning him into a director both misunderstood and incomprehensible.

Cannes Film Festival Born in Paris, he is a descendant of Lithuanians. His film The Artist was part of the Cannes competition, where it won the award for best actor. He subsequently won five Oscars, including Best Picture and Director. He is one of the most prolific filmmaker in the American cinema. However, not everything will go as planned.

In , Indian man Abdul is chosen by his country to present a ceremonial coin to the Queen Victoria in a cerimony in London. He travels from his home for this relatively straightforward, but ultimately intimidating, task. But the elderly Victoria, smitten with him in a maternal way, requests that he stay on as a kind of advisor.

The fascinating and true tale of a penniless young Indian man and a monarch who ruled over about a quarter of the globe. From director Stephen Frears. Toronto and Venice film festival But her relationship is soon affected by her family's oppressive meddling, their fundamentalist religious beliefs and unique ability to interfere with Thelma's life. When the young lady is upset, strange things seem to happen. While seeking answers, her stern and religious parents prepare for the worst.

From the director of Oslo, On a business trip to the Cannes Film Festival, Manhee is fired. A teacher named Claire goes around taking photos with her Polaroid camera. She gets to know Manhee and sympathizes with her. Through taking photos, Claire has acquired the ability to look slowly at things, and to transform objects.

From director Hong Sang-soo, with Isabelle Hupert. Born in New York and they studied at Boston University. After a botched bank robbery lands his younger brother in prison, Constantine Nikas embarks on a twisted odyssey through the city's underworld in an increasingly desperate — and dangerous — attempt to get his brother out of jail.

Over the course of one adrenalized night, Constantine finds himself on a mad descent into violence and mayhem as he races against the clock to save his brother and himself, knowing their lives hang in the balance. With Robert Pattinson Twilight, Cosmopolis. Maria recently started working at a slaughterhouse where she is responsible for quality control.

At lunch in the canteen, the girl always chooses an isolated table where she eats silently. She takes her job seriously and strictly follows the rules. Her boss Endre is a little older than her and he is also the silent type. Gradually they begin to know each other, recognizing a spiritual kinship, and are impressed as they discover that they have the same dreams at night. Carefully, they try to make them come true. Born in in Budapest. He also directed Crossing the Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul , The Edge of Heaven , best screenplay and prize of the ecumenical jury in Cannes, and Soul Kitchen , special jury prize in Venice, among others.

In , he directed In the Fade, which is also part of the Rio Festival program. While her mother is at an impatient rehab clinic and her father travels for work, Maik, years-old, spends her summer vacation at home, bored. That is until the day she meets Tschick, a Russian teenager, marginalized and rebellious.

Tschick has a plan to steal a car to escape from Berlin and Maik decides to go with him. It's the beginning of a crazy adventure in a summer they will never forget. An adaptation of the book Goodbye Berlin, by Wolfgang Herrndorf. After the time of mourning, here comes the time of revenge. In his most recent feature, German director Fatih Akin from Head-On and The Edge of Heaven gives a personal assessment of current developments in the world, radicalism in society, assassination attempts on innocent people, and most of all, a woman's unconditional love for her family.

In , he directed Tschick, which is also part of the Rio Festival program. For Rendezvous , he won the best director award at the Cannes Film Festival. Recruited by the French army, Paul is soon injured and decides to abandon the war front. To escape the firing squad that does not forgive deserters, he relies on the help of his wife, who quickly turns him into Suzanne, a Parisian who became a celebrity in the hectic s.

Upon receiving his amnesty, Paul will face the challenge of returning to live like man after more than a decade in the skin of Suzanne. By a little bay near Marseille lies a picturesque villa owned by an old man. His three children have gathered by his side for his last days. The arrival at a nearby cove of a group of people will throw these moments of reflection into turmoil. Selected for Venice and Toronto film festivals Born in Marseille, France. He is one of the biggest names in documentary, and has directed more than 40 films. After more than 50 years of training his camera on American institutions, director Frederick Wiseman Crazy Horse, In Jackson Heights channels his passion for books and paints an intimate portrait of the New York Public Library and its attendants.

Between Braille classes, book clubs, gala fundraisings and boardroom meetings, Wiseman observes the many layers of a complex metropoly. Born in in Poland, she studied film in Prague. She collaborated with Krzysztof Kieslowski in the script of her trilogy of three colors. One day one of her dogs disappears. Shortly thereafter, she finds her neighbor's corpse next to deer footprints. The deaths in the region continue, all equally mysterious and with victims with similar profiles: pillars of the community and passionate hunters.

Were they killed by wild animals or are they victims of a bloody revenge? Silver Bear for best director in Berlin, In the late s, Enn, a shy young man and a fan of the new punk rock fever, is ready to fall in love. A story about the birth of punk, the exuberance of first love and the greatest mystery of the universe: how to talk to girls at parties? Based on a short story by Neil Gaiman. In , he wrote the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch that gave rise to his first feature, of the same name, in , winner of Sundance's Best Director and Audience Awards and five nominations for the Independent Spirit Awards.

Shortbus , his second project, was shown at Cannes. Despite her young age, she cannot bear to see the suffering caused by the English in her homeland. Madame Gervaise, a nun, tries to reason with the young girl, but Jeannette is ready to take up arms for the salvation of souls and the liberation of the Kingdom of France. Carried by her faith, she will become Joan of Arc. From director Bruno Dumont Ma Loute. Photojournalist Alex and surgeon Ben have never met before, but they have at least one thing in common: both need to get back to Baltimore.

She's getting married the next day, he's to perform emergency surgery. When their flight is cancelled, the two hire a charter plane, but once they're in the air, things go tragically wrong. Stranded atop a snow-covered mountain with no hope of rescue, Alex and Ben must work together if they want to get out of this alive. Toronto Film Festival Born in Nazareth, Israel. Born in , India. His career is threatened when he lands a right hook in Bhagwan, his boss and the region's leading boxing promoter. Starting a battle beyond the ring, Bhagwan will do his best to stop Shravan from succeeding in both the fight and his love for Sunaina.

Brad Sloan has a steady job, a comfortable home in Sacramento, a loving wife, and a talented son he's set to accompany on a tour of prospective colleges.

More by Alexandre Dumas

But Brad can't stop comparing himself to his old buddies, all of whom have found wealth and renown in fields ranging from hedge funds to Hollywood movies to political punditry. Brad should be devoting his energies to supporting his son's transition into higher education, but all he can think of is showing off what he doesn't actually have or desperately grasping at his former cohorts' spoils.

A comedy with Ben Stiller. He is a writer, actor, producer, and director. His first feature as a director was Year of the Dog This is his second feature. Born in in London. She made her first short films at the age of 14 with an 8mm camera. Since , she has been working as a filmmaker, performer, choreographer, dancer and musician.

In , she directed Orlando , screened in Venice and nominated for two Oscar. This achievement is the height of her political career and she plans to celebrate the feat alongside Bill, her husband, and some close friends. However, the event takes an unexpected turn when Bill decides to reveal two shocking secrets.

Filmmaker Oliver Stone was granted unprecedented access to Russian president Vladimir Putin during more than a dozen interviews over two years, with no topic restrictions. This remarkable four-part documentary series provides an intimate insight into Putin's personal and professional lives, from his childhood under communism, to his rise to power, his relations with four U. This is the most detailed portrait of Putin ever granted to the Western World. Born in New York, in Born in in Munich. He studied architecture in Munich and Barcelona and taught at institutions such as the Bauhaus University.

He is a visual artist. These words came from the visual artist Claes Oldenburg and are in a manifesto written in Here they are interpreted by Cate Blanchett in one of her 13 roles, all based on statements from more than 50 artists and thinkers of the 20th century. Derived from the video installation by artist Julian Rosenfeldt, this film is a witty and entertaining comment about how timeless these visionary ideas are.

Rotterdam, Shaken by his low popularity, the Devil decides to come to Earth to found his own church. Sins are virtues and are encouraged. By using television, Beelzebub builds upon his power of seduction to disseminate the new religion. Raquel, an ambitious young journalist, is one of the first to fall under his domain. His first feature, Nina , won a special mention from the critics at the Moscow Film Festival. He has also directed Gone and Bald Mountain This is his first documentary.

Created as a deep extension of the original book, the film poses very human questions from our current perspective, mixing it with elements of movement and experiential sound, resulting in a new view of the Art of Yoga. Venerable Wirathu is a respected and highly influential monk in Myanmar. Unlike what is expected of a Buddhist philosophy leader - a religion based on a peaceful, tolerant and nonviolent way of life - Wirathu lives immersed in the deep waters of everyday racism and is the leader of the racialist party Ma Ba Tha. A disturbing portrait of the paradoxes of a country where hate speech and Islamophobia unfolds in violence and destruction and of the xenophobic demagogy in an unexpected environment: the Buddhist monasteries of Burma.

Born in , in Tehran, Iran. He is one of the most important documentary filmmakers of our times. A judge sits on one side, the patient on the other. This film was authorized on an exceptional basis. To protect the anonymity of those who appear in it, names and places have been changed. From documentarian Raymond Depardon. A woman lives alone on the outskirts of a village in Russia. Shocked and confused, the woman has no choice but to travel to the prison in a remote region of the country in search of an explanation. So begins the story of a battle against this impenetrable fortress, the prison where the forces of social evil are constantly at work.

Braving violence and humiliation, she embarks on a blind quest for justice. Official selection at the Cannes FIlm Festival He graduated in applied mathematics in Kiev and film in Moscow. In , he directed his first feature, Impolex. In , he released Listen Up Philip, also an official selection in Locarno. With Queen of Earth he went to Sundance and Berlin. Soon, something Naomi arrives from Australia to assist Nick for the semester. She has no acquaintances in the city beyond a loose family connection to Buddy, a music producer who lives in the same neighborhood.

For the few months she spends around Nick, Buddy, and their families, Naomi's presence upsets the unpleasant balance holding these two households together. Selected for Sundance and Berlin Rokas and Inga, a couple of young Lithuanians, volunteer to drive a cargo van of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. When plans change and they find themselves left to their own devices, they cross the vast snowy lands of the Donbass region in search of allies and shelter, drifting into the lives of those affected by the war. They approach the frontline in spite of the danger, all the while growing closer to each other as they begin to understand life during wartime.

From director Sharunas Bartas. In , he founded Kinema, the first independent production company in the country. Born in , in Dublin, Ireland. In , she won a Bafta for best miniseries for Room at the Top. Everett is a 40 year old bachelor. Abandoned by his parents at a young age, he is now a self-sufficient man, except for maybe a woman to clean and cook. When Maud answers his ad, Everett hesitates at first.

He hires her, but remains wary. The true story of visual artist Maud Lewis and the unlikely romance with the lonely Everett Lewis. Berlin Fang Xiu Ying was born in Huzhou, Fujian in By , she moved to a nursing home, but her symptoms were already very advanced and her treatment in the home was ineffective, so it was discontinued in June , when she returned home. This documentary follows her ordeal first in , and then in , during the last ten days of her life. Dans l'oeuvre de Balint, la vision, aupres de la raison artistique, abandonne le concept traditionnel des dimensions.

Koka continue d'excellentes traditions. Dans la peinture "Lumiere du Soleil" se trouve l'espace infini. A Cidade de Szentendre no Inverno. Castanho, Paisagem Matinal. Paisagem Ensolarada. Esta liberdade tende a salientar a multiplicidade de nossa arte. Nos trabalhos de G.

Os trabalhos de Jyoti Bhatt analisam e sintetizam silhuetas e interiores. Pilloo Pochkhanawala. Sdjaya Appaswamy. Indian art today is in a state of growth and expansion. It has the sturdy strength and proliferation of a young field in flower. The two characteristics of this art are its freedom and individuality. Its freedom stems from the environment, where alI art is allowed to flourish, free from the burden of the past and open to influences from everywhere.

Thus, the artist is not constricted by any limited horizons, he may venture where he will and seek his inspiration from different sources. This freedom has tended to emphasize the diversity of our art. Artists are now able to build up their own original styles, which are personal and even idiosyncratic.

The artists represented in this exhibition show marked individual idioms. Bhupen Khakkar paints naively humourous or satirical works. His flat colours are broken by stiff characters and ornamental vegetation. Vast spaces are contrasted with little doU like figures. Santosh's works we have abstract design which is organic, meIlifluous and suave. The colours merge in a total harmony, there isa cIassical restfulness and serenity in his works.

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Reddeppa Naidu paints traditional icons in a modem manner. His colours are mild and he used a brief calligraphic notation to delineate the ancient Gods of Indian Mythology. Jyoti Bhatt's works analyse and synthesize silhouettes and interiors. There is a decora tive element in his work which is very traditional but is here put ,to a modem use.

Vinodray Patel paints sophisticatedly 'wild' compositions of tourists and other contemporary subject matter, his style is at once garish but organic, his paintings are disturbing like contemporary fashions and musico Two sculptores are represented, of whom one works in heavy metal. PilIou Pochkhanawala, her constructions are softened by the integrating spaces and by the contrast of rounded with sharp forms.

Ajit Chakravarti submits some fine pieces in wood. They are composed to emphasize interior and exterior phases of one formo The graphic artist Deepak Bannerjee submits works of a rich colour and texture. AlI these works give some indication of the variety of art possible in India today. Together they manifest a new spirit and a new awareness and even a certain self-conscieousness that is chacateristic of our times.

But above' alI this art has set out on an adventure, it seems to be continually seeking. Sdl Jaya Appaswamy Editor. Formas, , 49 x 39 Estudo liI, Um Rosto, Sino Amargo, Guiam Sheikh, Baroda. Chemould GalIery, Bombay. Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi. Divindade, Conforme lista anexa, Shree Naga, Masearas, Escultura primitiva, Palhaco de Bali, Escultura em madeira. Mulher, Altura, Altura Duas meninas, Duas Mulheres, Mulher sentada, Janela, Mulher deitada, Praia balinesa, Rangda, Colheita, Mulher diante do espelho, Deserto, Natureza morta, Barcos na praia, Mulher de Bali, Figura, Atenas, Montanhas de Java, Demonios, Gato, Peixe, Y ona Fischer.

Vinil e metal. E assim mesmo vibra em muitos casos algo de. Mar, Ferrovia, Homem Sentado. Mulher no Tubo. Mulher que Ri. Buic, etc. Miodrag B. Lux XX, Zinco e cobre. Arena, Hutovo 11, Entretanto, apesar. Tomio MIKI, conhecido por longo tempo como o artista obcecado pela orelha, vem ao mesmo tempo estudando as novas e diferentes formas da escultura.

Tadao Ogura. Japan, having already observed centennial of its modernization and especially since the end of the Second World having witnessed the development of creative and original contemporary art, has great pleasure in participating, through the seven young artists selected, in the much to be congratulated Tenth Sao Paulo Biennial. The contemporary age is one of rockets flying to the moon; computers taking the place of human mental activity in many areas; the expansion of technology and the information expIosion.

It is commonplace knowledge that artists in using newly developed techniques and materiaIs are creating new information and bringing about a radical change in the world of art. There is good reason for the theme of "Art and Man" in contrast to that of "Art and Technology. The catalyst which caused Keiji USAMI, previously engrossed in super-complicated informe space, to tum to the theme of the contemporary crisis of the human image was doubtIess the escaIation of the Vietnam War and the demonstrations of Japan's student Zengakuren.

  1. .
  2. Art in Psychoanalysis: A Contemporary Approach to Creativity and Analytic Practice (The International Psychoanalytical Association Psychoanalytic Ideas and Applications Series).
  3. Risparmiare in Viaggio (Italian Edition).
  4. ;
  5. Pt.1 -One Arm To Protect You- (Yaoi Manga).
  6. Heros Redemption.
  7. The humans who appear in his paintings are all expressed as silhouettes without heads, frantically attempting to escape. Although bound together in human solidary, they are deprived of their humanity and subjectivity by the supreme directives of a highly mechanized society and its politics. AlI the more does his highly refined beauty of form and color echo the poignant human tragedy. Key HIRAGA seems to confess that there is no alternative but to grandly maintain the authority of man's basic instincts as over against systems of ready-made morality or intelligence for the purpose of securing human nature and resisting highly mechanized contemporary society.

    In the midst of civilized society overflowing with deception and affectation the innocent primitive human relations are emphasized even to the extent of gross gaudiness. In contrast with this, Hitoshi MAEDA cooly molds the form of alienated contemporary man using almost nothing but the monochrome black. The minimum stereotyped form in outline, from which alI individuality has been lost, is left. It is as if these forms cut out and tightly bound by thin transparent threads were a silent wordless protest. These nameless human heads lined up stealthily fiU us with a fathomless horror.

    Kozo MIO, through twisted perspective, bold magnification, on intersecting acry1ic board three dimensionally in cross formations, attempts to chalIenge our ordinary sense of vision. These abnormal dramas of sight charm us into a world of fiction but when we return to reality it is with a kind of awakening stimulated by these paintings. When we walk around his nearlycubic sculptures we are caused to come face to face with oun;elver whether we like it or not. In addition, the image of the real world reflected there is different from that which we perceive directly and we are strangly chalIenged to a new consciousness of reality.

    These sculptures function as it were as the substance of vanity; they are severe judges of the contemporary world' they exist as that which is forced to telI the fortune of our age. At the same time the long narrow sheets of glass stretched out on the floor in T-shape will lead the appreciative viewer to a meeting with Japan as if they were folIowing the stepping stones of a path leading to a Shinto Shrine.

    The ultimate function of his work, can be said to be the purificaiton, the healing of the spiritual sickness which affJicts contemporary man, the artist himself incJuded. The unique bending of line and surface seen in the plain wood sculpture of Hisayuki MOGAMI brings to mind the curved shapes which are shared in common by the traditional swords, wooden ships, an roofs of temples and shrines of J apan.

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    It can be said that his work is one example of a muscularly superior modernization of an original spontaneous sense of traditional beauty. This is one kind of "salvation. Eclipse Solar, Sete Andares, Vidro, Vidro, Vidro, MIO, Kozo Placa de Minami Gallery, Tokio. Minami Gallery, Tokyo. Ohara Museum. Museum of Contemporary Art. Museum of Modern Art. Joseph-Emile Muller. Passagem Infernal, Frank Sullivan. We are particular1y happy that this invitation coincides with the special celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Biennial, which has made Sao Paulo renowned as the host and sponsor of the world's top-ranking exhibition of art.

    The answer is very simple. In the fine arts, Malaysia is a neophyte among the nations, as our development in these fields of expression realIy began only twenty years ago. In fact, the fine arts in Malaysia can be truly said to be a direct result of our birth as a free nation.

    Malaysian artists, there fore, are in a most enviable position, as they are neither handicapped nor overshadowed by having a long tradition in fine arts either to live up to or to surpass. They are lucky enough virtualIy to have started from scratch. So it is not surprising that art in Malaysia should be distinguished for its high degree of individuality and variety, very healthy elements indeed in a practising democracy and a highly cosmopolitan multi-racial society. Each new chalIenge evokes a ready response; each passing year uncovers new talents.

    The Malaysian entry for the X Biennial de Sao Paulo reflects both these aspects, our exhibition comprising 59 works by 22 leading artists, alI, with one exception, executed within the past three years. The Exhibition also reveals that while our artists are conscious of standing on Malaysian soil, they also throw open windows wide to the world outside. Outubro, Mito Malaio, Reflexo, Aura, Sombra da Tarde, Batik em pano. Batik em tela. Complexidade Colorida em Estrutura Simples, Deformado n. Deformado u. Malayan Tobacco Co. Noite Rubra, Imagem do Entardecer, Branco "Pago-Pago", Paisagem Rubra, Batik em linho.

    Batik em tetron. Roda do Fortuna, Sir Dnucan Oppenheim. Em Redor da Lua, SHm, Long Thien Velho Professor, Tinta chinesa em papel. Paisagem da Vida Malaia, Seringueiro, Preparando o Noivo, Finalmente Compreenderam, Stanley Weiss. Alfonso de NeuvilIate. Club de Industriales. Viagem Circular. Rosa Covarrubias.

    Galeria Misrachi. O I, O 11, O I1I, O IV, Meninos, Galeria de Arte Mexicana. O Mundo de Cristina, O Cantor da Lua, O Animal Contempla, Mercadora, As grandes telas de Anna-Eva Bergman inspiram uma seriedade profunda. Ame Malmedal trabalha com planos grandes. Muitas delas fazem pensar em barcos e peixes. A sua lingua-. Tem que ver com o Norte todo, com as montanhas, com o mar, com os rochedos e os troncos de madeira. Nessa sentinela do Norte da Europa cada um dos quatro artistas tem seu perfil, sua individualidade marcante.

    Per Remfeldt. To-day, with the network of communications drawing constantly tigther on ali leveIs, it seems meaningless to talk of national art. The information imparted by international exhibitions, by magazines, films, and television, makes us aIl participants in everything that goes on. We register directions rather than national characteristics. The broad trends of development cut across ali frontiers. But if we cast a glance over the motley landscape of to-day's art we cannot avoid catching sight of the peaks.

    Although so much effort has in recent years been concentrated on demystifying the work of art and the role of the artist, the individual nevertheless stands aut clearly. In spite of all internationalism, in spite of aIl group work, it is still in the individuaI mind, in the human heart and brain, that a work of art is born.

    And the artist himself may be the product of so many factors - of studies and traveI and experience, but also of the place where he grew up, of the stock he comes from and of his language, of his first playmates. The four artists Norways is contributing to the X Bienal de Sao Paulo are represented by separate exhibitions. Each of them contains so many works that it is possible to register an artistic characterization. An atmosphere of solemnity rests over Anna-Eva Bergman's largepaintings. Their tranquility reveals her deep and direct feeling for the nearness of nature.

    Her visions of the mountains and the wastes of the sea carry a concentration of the magical mo de of expression of a picture. Bergman creates a new and valid synthesis of light, of earth's powerful forms and of the concrete reality of a pointing. The two graphic artists Trond Botnen and Arne Malmedal both employ the exacting techniques of the etching and lhe aquatint, but in several important ways their techniques are completely different.

    Botnen traces the finest shadings on to the metal, weaves the lightest strokes together into intricate patterns, and blows the most beautiful colours onto the plate. Throughout his whole production, - his figures and recollections of landscapes, his 'space' drawings and floating spheres - runs the same line, a line leading towards a mysterious cosmic integration. Arne Malmedal works with large surfaces.

    His technique is simple and foreful with a welI-developed feeling for the special effects of the graphic medium. Large, clear forms take shape on the plate, often telling of dark and light, of reflections in water, of lightning ripping up the night. Inspite of the limitations imposed by the size of the paper his prints are monumental in their terse severity.

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    Arne Vinje Gunnerud's sculptures are cast in bronze, or built up and carved in wood. Many are concerned with boats and fishing. Other telI of wind and flight. Some are fantasies, created by the meeting of the arlist and the block of wood. AlI of them speak of an exuberant delight in the potentiaIs of the material.

    In clear and vigorous planes Gunnerud builds the form of his works up to its maximum expression. It is a form that changes with the nature of lhe task, moving with force and decision between clear, shining bronze and coarse wood pungent with tar. It is not so easy to see that these four artists come from Norway. There is nothing particularly national about any of them, they certainly wave no flags. Their idiom is universal. Their form of expression can be understood by alI. Their pictures and their sculptures are always abstractions of what has been seen and experienced, of reflections and dreams.

    But in addition to alI this their works are tinged by something else, by the grandeur of the scenery they have grown up with, by the light and stillness of the great expanses of the high north, by its long nights and its silent people. There is a certain 'tone' behind everything they create. I do not think it is purely Norwegian, but rather an element of alI of the Nordic lands, the mountains and the ocean, the stones and stumps, of Europe's lonely outpost to the north.

    Each of the four artiss has a sharp profile, a clear individuality. But they are also stamped by a common bedrock of experience, by something that links them together, and makes them into messengers from a faraway land. Muro, Estudo, Aquatinta, chapa de cobre, 43 x 24 Homenagem a Rubens, Chapa de Cobre e solda de estanho. Aquatinta e chapa de cobre. Aquatilnta e chapa de cobre.

    Aquatinta e chapa de cobre 33 x 20,5. Madeira pintada e folheada a ouro. Cardume de Peixes, Oslo, 50 Barco, Bronze polido. Totem - Totem, Fantasia de Estacas de Ponte, Tocando Para o Sol e o Vento, Cidade, Totem do Mar, Pescador, Mulher Descansando em Quarto Pequeno, Aquatinta, chapa de cobre e roulette. Figura em Amarelo e Verde, Aurora, Imagem no Espelho I, Imagem no Espelho em Um Fiorde, Fiorde Estreito, Imagem no Espelho 11, Reflexos, Reflexos I, Reflexos 11, Reflexos , Reflexos IV, Lua, Luar, Sentinela da Noite, Chapa de Cobre.

    Llega a ella con la seguridad de quien sabe extraer belleza de 10 informe y sin sentido. La madera adquiere en sus manos un vigor distinto, humanizado. Comunica su mensaje con una seguridad que, sin embargo, no resta poder a sua estilo de tonalidades semitransparentes, pleno de insinuaciones. No escatima esfuerzos en el uso de materiales diversos, para lograr originalidad en su pintura.

    Catedral, Metamorfose, Grillon nos mostra. Ya no puede ser una Bienal, un Gran Premio, un happening o cualquier otro acontecimiento aislado un simple planteameinto preciosista. La historia.

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    Objetos Encontrados Ligeiramente Modificados 5 Grupos. Participando do Ambiente, Esfinge, Parques Parques, Parques! Momento 1.

    Ferro forjado. Centro de Criatividade e Consumo, Via Crucis, Lima, PERU. Parakas I. Chavin I. Parakas III. Parakas II. Chavin XII. Chavin VIII. Chavin IX. Chavin R. Chavin A. Chavin M. Chavin O. Estrutura I. Estrutura Estrutura N. Estrutura V. Estrutura VI. Estrutura VII. Ryszard Stanislawski. Museu Nacional de Poznan. Retrato de Adam Asnyk com a Musa, Thanatos I, Seguindo Um Anjo, Auto-Retrato, O Tom Desconhecido, Museu Nacinal de Crac6via. Retrato, de T. Blotnicki com Uma Medusa, Wieloplski, Retrato de F. Jasienski, Pequeno Pastor Com Uma Quimera, Museu -. Swietokrzyski de Kielce.

    Museu de Radom. Retrato de Erasmo Baracz, Eloi e Ellenai, Thanatos, Auto retrato com Terno Branco, A Volta, Agnes, O Grande Immelman, O Anjo do Amor, Retrato de Homem de Meia Idade, Anjo em Forma de Lombriga, Hiroshima, Vista da Janela, Lenine, Pesquisa "A". Pesquisa "B". O Grande canal. Perspectiva lI. Porte d'Auteuil.

    Objecto Madeira pintada e vidro espelhado. Madeira pintada e vidro despolido. Martrys 1.