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Finally, the Macedonian king Pierus dared the Muses to a contest against his nine daughters, who, after their defeat, were transformed into prattling magpies. Even though usually described as virgin goddesses, the Muses seemed like the perfect candidates for mothers of few mythical musicians and dancers. Consequently, Orpheus was often identified as the son of Calliope, as were sometimes the Sirens , who were more commonly linked to either Terpsichore or Melpomene. Linus, the great musician and orator of Thrace, was fathered by Apollo with either Calliope or Urania, and the Corybantes were usually described as sons of Thalia.

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In addition, Hyacinthus was thought of as the son of Clio, and Rhesus as the son of either Calliope or Euterpe. The Muses.

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Tweet Share 0. Apollo , Pierus , Oeagrus. In these two sentences, Milton invokes his muse, which is actually the Holy Spirit rather than one of the nine muses. By invoking a muse, but differentiating it from traditional muses, Milton manages to tell us quite a lot about how he sees his project.

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In the first place, an invocation of the muse at the beginning of an epic is conventional, so Milton is acknowledging his awareness of Homer, Virgil, and later poets, and signaling that he has mastered their format and wants to be part of their tradition. But by identifying his muse as the divine spirit that inspired the Bible and created the world, he shows that his ambitions go far beyond joining the club of Homer and Virgil. For example, when he catalogs the prominent devils in Hell and explains the various names they are known by and which cults worshipped them, he makes devils of many gods whom the Greeks, Ammonites, and other ancient peoples worshipped.

In other words, the great gods of the classical world have become—according to Milton—fallen angels. Chambers Val St. Categories 1 1 assassins 5 Assassins Series 4 between posts 20 between the heaves of storm 32 blogging Blond Noir Mysteries 3 books 10 breathless 7 brighter 1 city of dragons 8 Contract Killers 3 cover reveals 13 curse of the blood dragn 3 death girl 3 elegy flynn 12 Empire of Rust 1 excerpts 6 existence 1 faerie changeling 6 free serial novel 14 gossip girl 3 Helicon 13 horns 2 how-tos 2 Innocence Unit 3 invoke 5 j-a books 9 jason and azazel kieran 4 latest release 80 little sister 4 Mischief 1 nikita 1 ocd 3 Of Wolves and Woods 3 onset posts 19 ratcatcher 3 Ravenridge College 5 release 5 reviews 31 Romance 31 Slayer Chronicles 5 slither 2 slow burn 11 Standalones 14 Superhero Romance 2 superheroes 1 that last onset 25 The Helicon Muses 7 the killing moon 6 the stillness in the air 36 The Toil and Trouble Trilogy 3 the vampire diaries 8 Thrillers 18 toil and trouble 15 Tortured 2 trembling 2 Twilight 2 Uncategorized 39 Val St.

Come Together

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