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She loves to hear from readers. You can find her at www. About Publish Join Sign In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. During a routine case, private investigator Elena Ronen meets and falls in love with Vittorio Santini, member of a secret coven, and a kiss awakens her dormant magical powers. Because Elena wields an extremely powerful form of magic, she struggles to convince her enemies she has no desire to take over the coven. When loyalties are questioned, and Elena can no longer tell friend from foe, she must prove she wants nothing more than to live her life quietly.

When this wish falls on deaf ears, Elena and Vittorio must work together to defeat their enemies as they try to save their love, their lives, and the lives of those they care about. Create Widget. What did you think of it? What similar types of books would you recommend? A few weeks ago, I was asked by the St. Before you non-writers run away screaming, take a second to consider this your backstage pass into what goes into getting your favorite books published. Okay, now you can hit delete if you want. Are You Ready to Query? Finishing your manuscript is a huge deal, something most people never accomplish and you should be proud.

Make sure to celebrate!

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Maybe not. I queried my first book too soon. I thought it was as good as I could make it, so I hit a list of agents of my favorite authors. I got a few nibbles here and there, but no major enthusiasm. Working with a Professional Editor This made me step back and take a hard look at my book.

I realized I needed experienced help if I was going to make it better. They are only one of many, many options. They match you based on genre. I was matched with historical romance writer Terri Valentine. I learned more from her than I could have in any class. And using my own manuscript as a textbook made it personal and much easier to understand than a generic example. Some editors offer only content editing, which is the big picture stuff like suggestions on plot, pacing, continuity, character development, chapter breaks, etc.

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  • Others offer line editing, which goes into the little things like spelling, grammar, and proper dialogue formatting which I still have problems with. I chose to do both, which meant an extra fee. A good editor will tell you where you need to change things and possibly give a suggestion for how, but will leave the writing up to you.

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    You are free to agree or disagree as you see fit. I consider beta readers and critique partners pretty much the same thing. Some people make the distinction that critique partners tend to be other writers, and so focus more strongly on the craft of writing, whereas beta readers are non-writer people who give you gut feedback. No matter how you define it, I recommend a mix of writers and other people so that you get feedback from both the mindset of the writer and the typical reader.

    Because I work in marketing, I know a lot of writers, so that was easy for me.

    Guest Author: Jennifer Sights (+Contest)

    I usually have about five to seven people read and comment on my books before they go to my agent. I always make sure at least one is an excellent proofreader that would be you, Nancy! What do kind of feedback do you ask them for? Ask them about it. When I got my first round of edits back from Terri, I sobbed. But I took a few days to think about what she said and realized she was right. I would recommend doing that with any feedback you get. Then get to work and make the edits. What about you?

    Divided (Elena Ronen, Private Investigator) (Volume 1)

    Have you used a professional editor, critique partners or beta readers? What tips do you have? What questions do you have? You can, too! I went on about this at length in a previous post. What is your labor of love? What would you do for free just because it makes you happy?

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    Leave your answer in the comments. There are six days to go after today. Learn about my research and writing processes, tips and tricks, and even get some inside scoop on the Guinevere books! It starts today and runs through September 8. Good luck to all who are participating! Well, this is my last post on my Arthurian Legends tour of southern England. Stonehenge We were fortunate enough to get on the list to watch the sunrise inside the circle at Stonehenge. This meant a a. We all looked at each other with one eye open and then napped in the car. Unfortunately, no one told the weather gods to make it a nice day.

    It was overcast, which dulled out the sunrise and it was also very, very windy. We had as our guide a modern Druid who calls himself Arthur Pendragon and claims to be the incarnation of said king. I know an author on Twitter who claims to be the incarnation of Guinevere. I keep thinking I should introduce the two and see if they remember each other. I visited Stonehenge years ago when I was in college and I have to say, it is much more impressive inside the stones.

    They are so huge — at least 3 — 4 times the height of a man.

    Divided Loyalties

    And still no one knows how they got to Salisbury Plane from Wales, where they were mined. Arthurian legend would have you believe Merlin brought them by magic, but I bet there was another explanation. Its energy is very masculine, whereas many of the other circles have a more feminine energy and were built for use by all, regardless of rank.

    It could also be that it feels more touristy. After breakfast, we visited Avebury. Jamie told us there were four places the ancient people of the area visited, each at a different season, a quarterly gathering of the tribes.

    Nathan For You: Private Investigator Pt. 2

    Avebury was summer Beltane. Silbury Hill was autumn Lughnasa. West Kennet Long Borough, with its repository of the dead, was the gathering place in winter Samhain.


    We started out walking the processional way or avenue, which is a series of stones that act almost like guideposts or pillars, welcoming you to the site. Nearby across the street, actually is a hewn stone several times the size of a person. It is said that is where the high priestess sat to welcome the tribes as they gathered, walking up the avenue.

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    • I sat there and can testify that is has both the sight lines and the power to be a very commanding throne. The stones are considered either male or female, based on their shape and location. Today, the at least some of the land is owned by a herdsman, so there are sheep everywhere. The shepherd was actually out checking his flock while we were exploring the circles and he told us all about the white chalk that naturally occurs in the ground and how his family came to own the land and their agreement with the National Trust to keep it sacred for those who visit.

      An unexpected surprise for me on the site was getting to see the beech trees that J. Tolkein sat under when he wrote his books. Supposedly, they were the inspiration for the talking, moving trees in The Lord of the Rings.

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      Of course, I had to get my picture taken under them and pray that some of the inspiration would rub off on me! It is a very serene spot and I can see how looking out over the hillside with the trees whispering above him would have made his imagination take flight.

      It is very near Avebury. Like Stonehenge and Avebury, its purpose is unknown, but local folklore calls it the resting place of a King Sil, who was buried on horseback, with the hill raised up around him.

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