I Got the Six

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ZZ Top:I Got The Six Lyrics

Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - Z. Read More Edit Wiki. Living room, passing time, talking trash, sipping wine, I need something more substantial.

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New deck of playing cards, I don't like to work this hard, I think I'll have to cancel. I'm running out of time, I'm about to lose my mind. I got the six, gimme your nine. Follow this discussion. Responses: Lt Col Charlie Brown. Posted 10 mo ago.


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Mayabelle DuBois 9 mo. If it's for "us to know and you to find out after you enlist ", that's ok too. I looked online but could only find articles on the NFL and the world football league. Nicci Eisenhauer 9 mo. Mayabelle DuBois It's great to meet you here, fellow civilian!

Although different branches often speak different "acronym" Nicci Eisenhauer - Of course!

It totally makes sense! Why didn't I think of that! Excellent philosophies for everyone to adopt in their personal lives. The military has always been one source of inspiration for strength, courage, honor, etc. Thank you for being an inspiration to us. PO3 Bob McCord 9 mo. Nicci Eisenhauer - You got it. Each branch has its own language or code if you will.

I Got The Six Bass Tabs - Zz Top @ irivimafov.tk

Much of it based in profanity too. You start learning it your first hour after being sworn in. In the Navy the fleet Navy or ship based Navy even has a language that landlubber sailors have to learn. I'm sure each part of each branch has dialects of that branches language. LTC Stephen C. I got six red hens. They laid five eggs each. All the eggs hatched out, And the yard was full of 30 little chicks. Six time five is 30, five times six. One fine day, They all started in to lay.

I got 36 eggs, and I took 'em in the house, And I put 'em in boxes, Six eggs each.

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Six boxes. Aw, six times six is 36, six times six. Goin' to the candy store - I'll take six of these and six of those And six of them and six of the others. And also six of the red, six of the white, And six of the blue. I'll put 'em in one bag - that's S ix times seven is 42, seven times six. Oh, I'm throwin' down jacks, Pickin' up six. I made 8 tricks And didn't miss a lick.

Six times eight is 48, eight times six. Nine hungry men had six dollars each. That's 54 bucks, But they were outta luck.

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  3. I got up at six in the morning to make this for you Magnet.
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  8. Not for nine. Then there were six hungry men They had nine dollars each Yeah!


    And they went downtown, and the waiter said "Sit down! Six time nine is 54, nine times six. See that prince over there?

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