Im Westen Op.25 No.23 - Score

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When his career as a pianist was hindered by damage to a finger, her turned to composing. Until he was 30 he composed only for the piano and his writings for the instrument have a secure place in the piano repertoire. Thereafter he turned to songs and his expressive song cycles Frauenliebe und Leben and Dichterliebe are of particular importance. He also wrote four symphonies and many other works.

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The German bass-baritone brings near-Wagnerian intensity to Schumann's two great cycles of , yet he and Andsnes are at their most spellbinding in the introspective songs. Schumann: Symphonies Nos. Robert Schumann Composer. Show full biography Afflicted with increasingly severe mental instability, Schumann died in a mental asylum. Further Reading: Schumann. Trockne Blumen Cm Trockne Blumen Bm Des Baches Wiegenlied C Des Baches Wiegenlied Bb. Liebesbotschaft E 1.

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Liebesbotschaft Eb 2. Kriegers Ahnung Cm 2. Kriegers Ahnung Bbm 3. Aufenthalt Dm 5.

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Aufenthalt C m 6. In der Ferne Am 6. In der Ferne G m 7. Abschied C 7. Abschied B 8. Der Atlas Em 8. Der Atlas Ebm 9. Ihr Bild Bbm 9.

Ihr Bild Gm Die Stadt Bbm Die Stadt Am Am Meer Bb Am Meer A Die Taubenpost E Die Taubenpost Eb. Gute Nacht Cm 1.

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Gute Nacht Bbm 2. Die Wetterfahne Gm 2. Die Wetterfahne Fm 3. Erstarrung Am 4. Erstarrung Gm 5. Der Lindenbaum E 5.

Der Lindenbaum D 6. Wasserflut Dm 6. Wasserflut Cm 7.

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Auf dem Flusse Dm 7. Auf dem Flusse Cm 8. Irrlicht Am 9. Irrlicht Gm Rast Bm Rast Am Einsamkeit Bm Einsamkeit Am Die Post C Die Post B Der greise Kopf Bm Der greise Kopf Am admin