The Internet for Radiologists

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World Wide Web and Internet: applications for radiologists

I want a quick review of the disease rather than a very detailed paper discussing the intricacies of every case. The solution for these quick, accurate, relevant results lies in the interaction between specialist content and technology.

Although Google is accessible, radiologists at Taichung have started to discover the benefits of using a dedicated platform of content developed by experts and enhanced by innovative search engine technology tailored to the field of radiology. Last year, the hospital began a subscription to STATdx , a diagnostic decision support tool from Elsevier aimed at working and studying radiologists.

STATdx contains a vast collection of evidence-based and expert-based information for radiologists, with over 4, diagnoses and , expert-selected and annotated image examples online.

How quickly can Sunset Radiology, Inc. begin receiving cases from our facility?

Beyond its comprehensive image database, it provides clinical decision support, with almost 1, expert differential lists, 20, patient cases and related journal articles, allowing radiologists to compare multiple diagnoses side by side and increase confidence in diagnosis. It was that specialist content, made searchable and easily readable, that enabled Dr. Using a dedicated resource ensures that radiologists are always quickly able to find what they are looking for. For resident radiologist Dr.


Hsin-Yu Tsai, the comprehensiveness of a dedicated resource is its key benefit. Using this platform, I can learn up to 90 percent of the related condition in one place. Using a tool tailored to their needs has enhanced daily clinical practices for resident radiologists, allowing them to work more effectively by providing comprehensive and concise information all in a single platform.

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For the clinicians, that means substantial time savings and greater confidence, while patients benefit from accuracy in diagnosis and treatment. For medical professionals to provide the best patient care possible, they need access to evidence-based specialist information at the point of care. At Elsevier, we have the deep knowledge and technological expertise to support clinicians with highly personalized tools like STATdx. Based in Oxford, he joined Elsevier six years ago from a small trade publisher specializing in popular science and literary fiction.


Prior to this he worked for several years on a leading trade magazine for the electrical retail industry, reporting on new technologies and market trends in consumer electronics. That the Internet of Medical Things is insecure isn't exactly surprising, to the cybersecurity community at least.

Johns Hopkins Radiology Residency - PROGRESS

However, that researchers were able to create malware capable of exploiting vulnerabilities in CT and MRI scanners in order to either add or delete tumors from the imaging takes this insecurity problem to a disturbing new level. The researchers, part of the Cyber Security Research Center at Ben-Gurion University in Israel, have developed malware that can automatically alter the imaging before it gets seen by a doctor or radiologist.

The researchers used real lung scans and manipulated 70 of them remotely using the malware. Pages Networks Rustico, Rinaldo et al. Getting Wired Canepa, V. The Electronic Mail Giovagnoni, Andrea et al. Other Internet Services Giovagnorio, F.

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