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Is the potential return worth the short-term financial risk? This type of ROI can also be applied to other facets of the business such as software automation or expansion of the sales force. However, measuring ROI is not always so simple. In fact, in some areas of the business it can be downright hard. In marketing, the role unbeknown to many is to create customers. Essentially spending X amount of dollars to create Y number of new customers; a simple equation perhaps, but the math to determine the success has long been evasive or maybe even impossible.

From broad scope to narrow focus, the idea was to put your business in front of as many of the potentially correct clientele as possible and more or less hope for a response. With advertiser feedback and the evolution of direct marketing the science became a little bit better, but without specific user action such as the filling out of a survey or input of a campaign code it was still next to impossible to directly correlate the creation of a new or returning customer with a specific campaign.

Just what was the return of a back page ad in the New York Times? With the evolution of digital marketing and social media the ability to measure has taken a substantial leap as every campaign can be tracked, keyword spends can be seen and conversions can be associated with dollar value returns. This martial arts movie tries to explain the strange death of the international movie star and kung fu master Bruce Lee.

Most of the story centers on a former disciple of Lee who launches a The film opens with a pre-fame Bruce Lee delivering newspapers in Seattle, Washington. We then see Lee competing in various martial arts tournaments and eventually landing a role on the Bruce Li plays a young kung fu expert and waiter who is trying to live peacefully in San Francisco with his marital arts-challenged friend. But they run afoul of some American thugs, and the fight is on Fighting sequences and drama of the famed martial arts icon grace this biopic as he goes from Hong Kong, to studying at the University of Washington in Seattle, to California, and the beginnings of his Hollywood career.

As he continues his film career after his return to Hong Kong, the many fight challenges to him are featured from Thailand to Italy. Bruce's family is briefly featured along with his real life long best friend Little Unicorn who portrays himself. While liberties have been taken as in any biopic , this is a chronologically correct depiction of his rise-to-fame to his untimely demise.

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Written by Lonely Soldier Boy. Bruce Lee was certainly a fascinating and talented individual, but the makers of this movie were either ignorant of those facts or were just instead more interested in making a quick buck. We learn very little about Lee in this movie - there's never a scene where we get into his head and get an idea of what he's thinking or feeling. Also, a lot of his background is ignored or glossed over; for example, we suddenly see him with a wife and two children halfway through the movie with no previous footage showing how he got them.

The movie is more interested in delivering fight sequences instead. Now, the fight sequences in this movie are a bit better than usual for a s Hong Kong movie, but the contrived ways the movie gets Bruce into fight sequences are so laughable that a lot of potential excitement is lost. If you want to learn more about Bruce Lee, find a printed biography of the man instead.

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Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. None have any real historical basis. I have had conversations on university campuses with students who have bought into this idea that the Jesus story was fabricated or simply plagiarized from other earlier religions.

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  7. Unfortunately, there is rarely enough time to sit with them and look at the evidence in any objective sense. They assume it must be true because somebody said it was true. He concludes that the testimony must, therefore, be dismissed in its entirety. It is simply unreasonable to dismiss an event as historical because the eyewitness accounts appear to differ. A classic example is the sinking of the Titanic. Some eyewitnesses said the ship broke into two pieces before it sank, other eyewitnesses said it sunk in one piece.

    When you look closer at the Gospels, many of these so-called discrepancies can be resolved when the distinction is made between a real contradiction and a variant account. If one report mentions only a specific person and the other refers to several, it simply means that the writers had different reasons for why they mentioned them. The same holds true for the Gospels e. For they highlight the fact that the same story is being told by separate witnesses, so the overlapping details are almost certainly authentic.

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    In fact, a detective named J. Warner Wallace carefully examined the gospel accounts as if he were examining the testimonies of witnesses in an investigation of a crime that had taken place decades in the past. He determined that the number of similarities and differences perfectly matched what would be expected if the basic story were true.

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    In addition, the facts made no sense if the stories were fabricated. He started his investigation as an agnostic, but the evidence convinced him to become a Christian. In Luke we learn that this miracle occurred near Bethsaida 9: 10 , which was hometown John Jesus asking Philip, as described in John, makes sense with the additional information from Luke. These connections and other similar examples show that the gospel stories were based on actual historical events.

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    In chapter 2, we examined the minimal facts surrounding the death of Jesus accepted by most scholars, even skeptical ones. Again, these are facts that even skeptical scholars accept as true. Because these facts are accepted as part of the historical bedrock, we can use them to demonstrate that the only plausible explanation for the events at the end of His ministry is that Jesus actually rose from the dead. Wright, one of the foremost experts on the resurrection, agreed that an actual resurrection was the best explanation of the facts. admin